Sunday, May 11, 2008


Matthew Hill's Buddy Cochran Fails To File Ethics Form

Well, Jerome Cochran, a buddy of Hill who loves taking Gregory money, was busted by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research for not turning in his disclosure of conflicts of interest form. This nice bit of law-breaking by Cochran is another reason why he needs to be kept out of office. I'm surprised Hill even knew he was supposed to turn this form in. His close relationship to Cochran speaks to Hill's character regardless. Good job to the TCPR's director and Johnson City native Drew Johnson on this one. It appears one of Cochran's opponents also didn't file her form, but I've never heard of her.

UPDATE: The May 14 JC Press ran a front-page story about Cochran's failure. His quote and the headline sure are a gem:
Cochran: Unfiled form must have been lost
According to the story, apparently Cochran is no stranger to unethical actions:
Cochran faced sanctions once before over a financial oversight. Last year, the state Registry of Elections made allegations Cochran had violated election statutes when he accepted the maximum donations of $2,000 in contributions from James and Susan Gregory for the 2006 Republican primary and another $2,000 from the Gregorys for the 2006 general election. Since Cochran lost in the primary, the second donation should not have been used, yet Cochran reported an ending balance of only $428.32. The registry voted to take no action when Cochran promised to reimburse his campaign an additional $204.22.
The JC Press ran this story on the 15th. It looks like Gregory called and chewed out Drew Johnson.

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