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Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, Team Ramsey GOPers kick TNGA House Speaker Kent Williams to the curb at Blountville campaign rally

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey
Rep.Matthew Hill

Watch the video - Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and other TNGA GOPers on stage at a recent Team Ramsey campaign rally in Blountville snubbed TNGA House Speaker Kent Williams, leaving the House Speaker in the crowd to rather pathetically wave his handmade sign in support of Ron Ramsey...and Williams does not look none too happy about the rejection in the Kingsport Times-News video clip.

Ramsey brings gubernatorial campaign to hometown of Blountville
By Hank Hayes
Published August 6th, 2009
Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey

BLOUNTVILLE — An emotional Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey insisted Thursday night he’s got the right kind of state government experience to be Tennessee’s next governor at a rally held before a throng of approving home folks.

With the streets blocked off in front of the Sullivan County Courthouse, the Blountville Republican made his case as the best candidate to win the 2010 GOP nomination to friends and a number of supportive Republican lawmakers on a clear and warm August evening.

“I look out here on this crowd and I literally see friends ... from Mountain City to Memphis and everywhere in between.... I can tell you in the House of Representatives no candidate for governor has more support than Ron Ramsey does,” House GOP Leader Jason Mumpower, Ramsey’s protege from Bristol, told the crowd before Ramsey was introduced.

The rally marked one year before the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary.

Among the supportive state senators was Church Hill Republican Mike Faulk, who introduced Ramsey as the best candidate to deal with the state’s economy.


House Speaker Kent Williams, a Carter County Republican who was kicked out of the Tennessee Republican Party after his surprise Democrat-aided victory over Mumpower in the speaker’s election, stood on the street with the crowd and not with other pro-Ramsey GOP lawmakers behind the stage.

“I think Ron has a great chance to win.... I think it’s a wide open race,” Williams said of Ramsey.

No word yet as to when Lt. Governor Ramsey and Team Ramsey will get around to hiring a midget with a broom to work for Ramsey during the upcoming Tennessee 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

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