Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Cruisin' in My Cadillac (Ramsey, not Jack Johnson)

In a follow up story to the original report on Ramsey, he changed course a little. Previously Ramsey said he had never heard from the guy who taped him, though now Ramsey admits they had multiple correspondences. Additionally, Ramsey now says he may have been speeding. Nice admission.

I think my favorite part of this story is how Ramsey admits that his "legislative car" is a 2001 Cadillac. Must be pretty rough to be him.

Not to be outdone by their Democrat brethren, Senate Republican Leader Ron Ramsey has hired former lobbyist and State Republican Party staffer Matt King as a senior strategist, another brand-spanking new position, for an annual salary roughly $76,000. At least Mr. King’s position is full time and he will likely get a day off unlike the desperately devoted and dedicated Andy Womack who will be on call every day of his life (Yes we are making fun of them).

Some will of course say these two gentlemen are sophisticated strategic partisans who work tirelessly for their political parties. Some may say these are just two okay guys who have been loyal to their parties and needed a job because they can’t dance, sing or play for the Titans. Others, like this writer, will say that wasting money for someone else to do their “thinking” for them is not what the voters envisioned when they were elected. It begs the question, who is actually in charge? Sometimes Republicans can be just as wrong as Democrats.

"Jodie Lee", the afternoon WPWT talk show host on "Local View" refused to take any telephone calls pertaining to Ramsey being caught on radar and video speeding at 94 miles per hour --- go figure.

As another person who perhaps has her current gig due to her close association with Gregory family member(s) (through St. Anne's Catholic Church), "Jody Lee" probably feels some considerable pressure to protect one of John Gregory's favorite politicans (think back to the August 1999 King pharmaceuticals legislative airlift organized by Ramsey --- or so he says --- that resulted in Altace being added to the TennCare preferred drug list) from any public review or scrutiny.
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You don't suppose that all those generous Gregory campaign contributions helped Sinator Ramsey purchase his luxury "legislative" Caddie...?

"Thanks, Ron my boy...here is a big wad of pharmaceutical cash for helping get Altace on the TennCare preferred drug list...oh yeah, and because of your conservative values...now go RAMPAC your *** to Nashville in style."
I know not everyone agrees, but there are some words I don't really want to be used on this blog. So if you put them in a comment I will repost the comment without those words.
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