Friday, July 15, 2005


Hilly boy the War Protester

I have been informed about a Bristol, Virginia war protest occurring on April 17, 1999 (or approximate date) in which a young Matthew Hill (then a WPWT talk radio show host) participated. Hill protested U.S. troops during the U.S. military bombing of Kosovo. I don’t have any proof, but if anyone remembers this drop me a line or leave a comment.

Rep. Hill's "Jane Fonda Moment" did not literally involve Matthew posing on North Vietnamese anti-aircraft guns, but it goes a long way to demonstrate that Hill is a weasel with a history of misleading the public.

What I find ironic is the fact that various WPWT "Good Morning Tri-Cities Hosts" (including Matthew Hill) have pitched their argument that individuals cannot protest the Bush War in Iraq without protesting the U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq. Hill even posted a news release to his campaign Web site ( that detailed his recent "supporting the troops" speech appearance at the Gray, Tennessee armory.

I bet those same troops would not be too happy to learn about Hilly boy’s protest of their brothers in arms in 1999. This seems a little like a flip flopping, if you ask me.

By "Hillanic Logic" spewed out by the Hillies at WPWT, you absolutely cannot support U.S. military troops actively engaged in combat if you are conducting within the following peaceful activities still yet protected by the U.S. Constitution:

1) protesting or otherwise speaking out against the actions of a current president (WPWT types always reference this to President Bush, the Iraq War, and really just any other Bush policy), and;

2) protesting or otherwise speaking out against the actions of a current presidential adminisration (unless, of course, you happen to be trashing the Clinton Administration).

The Hillanic Logic runs true with perhaps one notable exception, the "personal exemption clause" --- do as I say and not as I do --- permitting Matthew Hill in 1999 to participate within the Bristol protest against American troops during the Kosovo air bombings by U.S. military forces.

Good for Mr. Hill. Everyone should have the right to protest and we should also allow that people grow. I am a veteran of the Vietnam War and I was also a protester. Mr. Hill protested a war 6 years ago. In his defense, he was a very young man at the time. Protesting a war does not make one anti-American. We are now seeing many politicans who are speaking out about the war in Iraq. They all state that they did not have all the facts and these are the people who run our country. Mr. Hill has the right to make the same mistakes or carry out his sense of conviction as any other person in a democratic society.
A Patriot.
I have no problem with Hill protesting the military since it is his first amendment right. I do have a problem with him calling those who protest the Iraq war as unpatriotic, as he has done on air numerous times. Matthew Hill flip flopped his war position based on the party of the President in office. And, a number of 7th District Republicans and war veterans do have a problem with Hill protesting against the U.S. military, especially when Hill said it was not his "calling" to serve.
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