Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Magical Matthew Hill

I was e-mailed this info, and it is at least amusing if nothing else.

Hilly boy’s daddy’s radio station, WHCB, sponsors a series of camps each year. What is interesting is that campers can take courses in magic, among other things. This is a little humorous simply because of how much disgust many of Hilly boy’s supporters have for Harry Potter and the subject of magic. They might want to look at their own representative too.

Another interesting thing about WHCB is the cost of their camps:

• $240 for two weeks
• $120 for one week
• $130 for a half day for two weeks
• $65 for a half day for one week
• $50 for one class for one week
• $35 one class for two weeks

That is an awful lot of money considering how much Gregory money the Hills swim in.

With a scent of tele-evenagelist like zeal, here are a few excerpts from the Hill reservation’s station Web site:

• “Many listeners like to Underwrite a full day or half day of broadcasting: Full Day Underwriting $1200, Half Day Underwriting $600”

• “Purchase a book from Dr. Kenneth Hill.” [Isn’t the public so privileged to be able to buy books from Daddy Hill himself?]

• “If God so directs and desires, He can actually pour the thousands and even millions, of dollars
directly into His work when He knows that His children will be unobstructed channels.”

• “WHCB 91.5f FM is listener supported, non-commercial, educational, broadcast service owned and operated by Appalachian Educational Communication Corporation (AECC). AECC is an educational,
non-profit, IRS-approved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. WHCB needs and appreciates your financial support. WHCB 91.5 FM maintains programs where Bible teaching takes precedence above any other type of programming.” [Forgetting for a moment that the Cameo Theatre --- owned by AECC --- was used to screen a partisan political film attacking 2004 U.S. Presidential candidate John Kerry, an act that is illegal for non-profits]

• "... Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. [MAT 25:40]” [Why does the Hill rez suggest that they themselves are the least of these?]

I dunno...do you suppose that there are any business owners within the Bristol area that have actually invested their own money to start-up their privately owned daycare businesses?

You know, like a capitalist-styled daycare center for kids in Bristol that involves the for-profit owners actually paying both sales and proprety taxes to the local and state governments? Why should the public be forced to subsize these tax-free magic/art day camps?

Can you say "abracadabra...from your pocket to mine"?
Bob your so funny, great photoshop
And now for the Daily News from Pakistan:

Child beggars rehabilitated
Staff Report

PESHAWAR: Around 65 child beggars arrested from crossroads and shopping centres have been rehabilitated in the Welfare Home for Child Beggars (WHCB) since its establishment in may this year, said Tariq Habib, Manager WHCB. “Free boarding and lodging, medical facilities, food and clothing, recreation, moral counselling, vocational training and sports facilities are being provided to these children.” he said.

He praised the provincial government for its efforts to eradicate the evil, and pointed out the Vagrancy Ordinance 1958 lacuna that allowed the parents to regain the custody of their children through courts. The rehabilitation centre currently has the capacity to support 15 children for three months, and will be formally inaugurated next month.


Now we really know what WHCB is all about.
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