Saturday, August 27, 2005


More Hilly boy News

Thank goodness Bredesen doesn’t agree with Hilly boy that it is not government’s place to create jobs.


Here's some interesting news. I just don’t think Hilly boy had much to do with developing this tax break for businesses that hire disabled workers. I think he just asked if he could attach his name to something. I do wonder if Hilly boy will sponsor any other legislation that benefits companies that give jobs to people who presently are supported by TennCare. Will he sponsor tax credits to companies that hire minorities (or anyone for that matter) with a limited education and skill set? Probably not, since that seems to go against his anti-affirmative action leanings.

I definitely don’t think everything Hilly boy does is bad. I am just principally opposed to him as an outsider puppet of (mostly Gregory directed) PACs.

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