Thursday, September 22, 2005


Mr. John Gregory

Check out these nice pictures of a man who usually is afraid to show his face in public, as though he is ashamed or something. I don't know what else can be drawn from this event at his speech: "A reporter who attended the dinner was asked to step into a hallway while John Gregory delivered his remarks."

Here's what Dems have to say about John Gregory:

Haynes, D-Nashville, said Republican lawmakers are addicted to drug company money.

"We tried to curb their addiction, but they apparently don't want the help," Haynes said in a Senate Democratic Caucus news release. "Unfortunately, this (committee) vote means that Republicans win and the public loses. Instead of common-sense campaign finance rules, we've got a system that promotes laundering of campaign donations so that the disclosure laws and limits on the books are made meaningless."

"If he's going to buy Republican legislators, the public deserves to know what they are getting," Haynes said of Gregory. "Are we getting new legislators who will oppose common-sense prescription drug price reform? Right now, we're getting Republicans who don't want to play by the rules."

For more about Tennessee's campaign finance rules, contributors and reports go to the Registry of Election Finance's Web site at

"Addiciton..." too funny.

Do you suppose that the Betty Ford Clinic has a program were Tennesseee republicans can go to detox themselves off of the Gregory pharamaceutical money?

It seems like all these Tennessee republicans are screwing up on the TN CON PAC 12-Step progarm....
I thought addiction was pretty funny too.
I imagine that an addiction to money is pretty hard to give up,especially when you are a Republican...and living in a log cabin...
Not sure I understand the log cabin part.
Call up Jim Holcomb at the Tennessee Con-serv-ourselves PAC and ask him...
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