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WHCB Radio :: Cameo Theatre Event

Apparently the Hill family is having a bluegrass performer on Friday, October 7 at the Cameo Theatre, an asset of their non-profit organization AECC. What is interesting about this is that Matthew Hill and family staged an anti-John Kerry film at the same place last fall. It is illegal for non-profit organizations to engage in the promotion of or discouragement from voting for any politician. I am part of a church in which my minister voted for Bush (as did I), but he refused to break the law by having the church (a non-profit organization) endorse any candidate. Not the Hills.

In addition, the bluegrass event is funded in part by federal (National Endowment for the Arts) and state money (Tennessee Arts Commission). Non-profit organizations that break the law are not supposed to be eligible for federal and state money. I think a lawyer has a very ripe case here. Plus, the fact that the Cameo is currently for sale makes the whole thing even dicier.

The Tennessee Arts Commission...wait a minute...doesn't State Rep. Matthew Hill work for the Appalachian Educational Communications Corporation? Just how much is this state grant?

For a little more info, check out this blog post and comments.

The WHCB "BACK TO BLUEGRASS CONCERT' that is being funded by a Tennessee Arts Commission/National Endowment for the Arts grant and is being staged within the Appalachian Educational Communications Corporation owned Cameo Theatre that is located in Bristol, Virginia.

So why is the Tennessee Arts Commission spending the money of state taxpayers to fund a grant for a bluegrass concert in BRISTOL. VIRGINIA?

And why didn't the Most Ethical State Representative Matthew Hill insure that a Jonesborough or Johnson City space was selected as a venue for this Tennessee Arts Commission funded bluegrass concert and at least spend all those Tennessee tax dollars here at home at home in Washington County, Tennessee?

Perhaps the Hill of Beans Cofffee Shop was allready booked for Friday, October 7....
Andy May! Yes, you guys wanna go? I'll score us some of those "dirty money" tickets. My treat, I hope they will have coffee. -A10ecvol
Funny comment about the coffee shop. I don't think anyone has a problem against Andy May. I love good bluegrass music. Now the Hills, that's a different story.
Looks like Rep. Matthew Hill has just added Matthew's Mocoa Moocher to his legislative is just too bad that Tennessee Arts Commission grant money was taken away from Tennessee venues like the the Paramount Center for the Arts in BRISTOL, TENNESSEE and slushed off to the Commie-O Theatre in Bristol, Virgina....
Well, the Tennessee Arts Commission is allowing the Hill Tribe over at the Appalachian Educations Communication Corporation (AECC) to again deeply feed at tho public trough --- and this time to the tune of a $600.00 Touring Arts Program grant for the October 7, 2005 WHCB "Back To Bluegrass" music event at the Cameo Theatre.

However, the Hill Tribe apparently seemed to do a lot better mooching off the government grants programs back during the Clinton era. Back during 1999, our Cameo Comrades received a $1,350 grant for a "Storytelling" event, and AECC also received a $2,370 grant entitlement of a requested $3,750 for a 1997 "Live At The Cameo Theatre" event ---not to shabby for a bunch of self-described "bootstraping" conservatives from Northeast Tennessee, but what will all their soft touches next door at the Tennessee Conservative PAC think about AECC mooching off of the state taxpayers!

But at last, not all of the AECC panhandlinfg efforts with the Tennessee state government "panned out" --- AECC was denied a $4,000 arts grant for the AECC/WHCB 2000 Summer Arts Camp!

I don't suppose that the Tennessee Arts Commission cared to fund magic classes....damn, all this makes me wonder just how much money that the Bristol (Tennessee) Paramount Center for the Arts received from the Tennessee Arts Commission this year? I just hope that A10ecvol and his socialist bluegrass buddies have a good time on my (and your) dime!
Socialist is a little strong, but I do find it funny that the Hill clan regularly relies on free government grants. Why exactly is AECC a non-profit organization, except for the tax breaks? Four of the Hill family members make about a combined $150,000 annually in salary. Not too shabby.
So why doesn't the Tennessee Arts Commission just focus on directing grant funding toward Bristol Tennesseee Paramount Center for the Arts as the primary Tennessee -based performing arts center serving the Bristol, Tennessee community???

Sounds screwy to me....
You know you guys are screwy! you must have alot of time on your hands to come up with the crap that you do.
That $150,000 in salary doesn't count the money they are paid as "pastors" at their church. I estimate that Matthew makes about $80,000 a year(including his legislative salary and per diem pay). More power to him to make that kind of money, but I don't quite see him as representative of the "common man" in the 7th District.
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