Monday, October 10, 2005


Just For Fun

Hill family real estate for sale & the cohabitation of the Hill & Gregory families.

AECC actually owns the Cameo Theatre....the Hill Tribe pretty much directs the operations of the AECC and the Cameo Theatre....

How much do you suppose that the value of this Cameo Theatre property is listed on the Bristol real estate market? 200K?
At least that much, probably.
I think it's actually worth about 3.2 Million Dollars, really! The historic significance alone is worth a buck or too. Also, I think because of the new multi-million dollar library behind it, has now turned it into the hottest property in Bristol Va. I've heared it even has a ghost or two. Whooohaaaaahaaaahaaa!!!!1
This question could be settled by going to the Bristol, Tennesseee office that handles property tax assessments and pulling the Cameo tax card to see what value it is curruntly appraised...

$3.2 million dollars for the Cameo Theatre? .I don't think so from what I have seen inside and out of this older structure (as a comparsion across town in Bristol, Tennessee, the Leitner Pharmaceutical property is carried on Sullivan County tax rolls at $4.22 million....
WJHL now has an interactive map for downtown Bristol that brings up ownership about certain downtown properties, including the Cameo Theatre --- WJHL lists an assessed value of the AECC Cameo Theare for only $161,200.

Seems like we had a Hillocrite post here with the intent to rip-off the taxpayers with a suggest purcahse of the Cameo to the tune of about $3 million and change over the assessed value...
It is foolish to think a commercial property in Downtown Bristol would only be valued at 161,000. Melvin, my home cost more than that, and I guarantee that the Cameo, with it's historic value and just raw property values is easily a million or so dollars.
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