Monday, October 17, 2005


Lobbyists Are His Friends

The following is from some comments by Reformer:

Isn't it remarkable that our Most Ethical Rep. Matthew Hill's Appalachian Radio Group has managed to sell some post-primary election commercial air time on WPWT 870 AM to a lobbyist who donated PAC money into Hill's 2004 election campaign coffers. According to Federal Communications Commission ownership records, PAC Daddy Rev. Dr. Kenneth Hill owns 51% of WPWT 870 AM (a.k.a. Information Communications Corporation) while the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Appalachian Education Communications Corporation (AECC) that Dr. Hill controls as AECC President owns the other 49% of WPWT 870 AM.

Robert "Bob" Anderson is on the TNSOS registered PAC /lobbyist list as the Life Underwriters-TN PAC and perhaps one other PAC. Anderson was also listed as an individual campaign contributor within Rep. Matthew Hill's 2004 campaign finance disclosure reports and WPWT 870 AM has been regularly airing commercial advertisements for Anderson's Tennessee Financial Group following the 2004 republican primary election.

It is the non-profit organization AECC that pays "key employee" Rep. Matthew Hill, so Rep. Hill is at the very least indirectly benefiting from this business relationship with his friendly lobbyist.

I do not know if PAC lobbyist Bob Anderson and Kathy Anderson (Matthew Hill's 2004 campaign manager) are related to each would be informative to learn that Rep. Hill has at least one Jonesborough family supporting his campaign efforts.

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