Monday, January 24, 2005


More Lobbyist Garbage in Tennessee

These stories make me sick. What a mess we have in Nashville now.

In Tennessee lobbyists don’t even have to disclose how much they are paid. In 2000 there were 3 lobbyists for every lawmaker in Tennessee. Special interest groups give $8 million to members of the legislature, groups just like those run by Gregory & friends.

In this article, we are told
there are 500 lobbyists for 132 lawmakers in Nashville. That is insane.

I like how our own Mr. Mumpower admits he likes for the lobbyists to tell him how to think. And I think he is the only one who thinks we have strict ethics laws for lawmakers in Tennessee.

If there are too many bills and not enough lawmakers then we need more lawmakers and less lobbyists. Plain and simple.

As a fairly fundamental Christian I try to like Republican candiates, but their unethical behavior makes me want to throw up.

i'm fairly sure this is a significant jump from just a few years ago when i last got the TN lobbyist directory.
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