Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Hill Continues to Alienate the 7th District

In the August 25 edition of the Johnson City Press, Robert Houk highlights how leaders in the 7th District are quite displeased with Matthew Hill:
Local political pundits already have turned their attention to the November contest between state Rep. Matthew Hill, (R) Jonesborough, and former Washington County Sheriff Fred Phillips. Many believe the outcome of the GOP primary between state Rep. Jerome Cochran, (R) Elizabethton, and restaurateur Kent Williams has set the tone for the 7th House District race. Cochran lost the Republican nomination this month in a race that saw the challenger depict the incumbent as an ineffective lawmaker. Similar criticisms have been lodged against Hill, including a very public rebuke from Jonesborough Mayor Tobie Bledsoe earlier this year.
Also, here’s an excerpt from a story about Hill campaigning for Ed Bryant, whom the majority of Republicans in Washington County rejected. This was in the July 30 edition of the Johnson City Press:
“Hill talked about Tennessee’s high sales tax and how it is unjust for the government to tax necessities…He did not elaborate on how that could be accomplished…”
What kind of leader says he has a goal, but doesn’t have a plan to achieve that goal?

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