Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Matthew Hill: He raised his pension and supports unions

I have confirmed that Hilly boy did vote to give himself a pension raise. If you go to the House Journal here and look at pages 76-79, you will see on SB3178/HB3266 that Matthew Hill voted yes. Notable conservatives who voted no include Chris Clem, Beth Harwell (who really didn't like this bill) and Elizabethton’s Jerome Cochran. There’s nothing like sending a representative to Nashville just to have him give himself a raise.

In other news, Hill appears to even be alienating people in Sullivan County, his home county and the place he spends most of his time (not the 7th District). In the June 29th Kingsport Times-News, at the Kingsport Area Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Wrap-Up Session, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Deborah Woolley praised Ron Ramsey and other Republicans while condemning Hill’s work:
“But it bothers me that in a political year, when they play these wedge issues, that the business community became a pawn. There are already promises that some of these will be back next year. … Minimum wage will be back, and firefighters unions will be back. … That’s a threat.”
David Davis followed that up with this quote:
“It was one of the most anti-business (legislative) sessions I have been involved in.”
Hill knows a thing or two about pawns.

And finally, Fred Phillips was on the front page of the Johnson City Press on Sunday. Not really much talk about Hill, which I found funny. I may post a recap later, but he did state his opposition to abortion, which has to disappoint Hill.

I have visited with the delegation from Northeast Tennessee before. Rep. Hill is well respected in Nashville. Why isn't your name on the ballot?
Hey, I can handle people not agreeing with me. However, I am not convinced Hill is well-respected in Nashville, especially after his fire fighters unionization bill fiasco. I thought about running, just so someone challenged him. But Nancy Fischman and Fred Phillips stepped up first. I'll let someone like Fred, who is older, wiser and a lifelong 7th District native, run against outsider Hill.
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