Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Cochran Crows, Crowe Doesn't

I noticed an interesting article in the JC Press that quotes Jerome Cochran attacking Phillips. Of course, a major point of the legislative breakfast was Cochran's inability to get significant funding for road projects, something that motivated this guy to run against Cochran. Cochran is mentioned in this story, but the total funds are pretty small.

What I find interesting, though, is how Crowe is mum on Phillips. Crowe has publicly stated his support for his friend, and that has to make Hilly boy a little nervous. Here are some excerpts from the story:
Several long-stalled highway projects were once again a major item of discussion at the annual Elizabethton/Carter County Chamber of Commerce legislative breakfast

Cochran said a health reform issue he sponsored had just been defeated by Democrats.

Cochran said the race between incumbent Hill and Democrat Phillips in the 7th House District will attract statewide attention. He said the race could decide whether the Republicans can gain the majority in the House. He said a lot of Republican leaders will be “camping out” in Jonesborough.

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