Friday, February 03, 2006


Northeast Tennessee Lawmakers Block Ethics Reform

Here is the story. People, we have to put a stop to the irresponsible behavior that goes on in Nashville. Our representatives (the ones from Northeast Tennessee) are blocking ethics reform so they can continue to receive Gregory money. This makes the Tri-Cities look so bad.
Negotiations by state lawmakers to reach a compromise on broad ethics reform broke down today in a dispute over limits on political contributions, ending any hope a final bill could be passed this week.

Democratic Sens. Joe Haynes and Steve Cohen objected to a proposal by Rep. Jason Mumpower, R-Bristol, that didn't cap contributions by individuals at $25,000 a year.
Haynes, who is Senate Democratic Caucus leader, cited 2004 contributions from pharmaceutical mogul John Gregory of Bristol that totaled $1 million to Republicans to take on Democrats.

"Ladies and gentlemen that's wrong, and in my opinion it's an abuse of power and of the process," said Haynes of Nashville.

Haynes and Cohen of Memphis argued that without the limits the Senate had already approved, the reform measure wasn't reducing the effect of large sums of money on the political system.

I heard an angry Rep. Steve Godsey during the news this morning discussing the negative fiscal impact of the "Mumpower Ethics Plan" upon Tennessee taxpayers:


Apparently Jason is wanting to scrap all the time, money, and legislative effort that has taken place to on Tennessee ethics reform to date just so Mumpower can skim in more campaign dollars to the Mumpower re-election campaign from the Gregorys, the Tennessee Conservative PAC, the State of Franklin PAC, and other PACs dependent upon the Gregory money.
Check out this story. Now, when you pay your electric bill, some of your money might be going to the Gregorys. As if they didn't have enough already.
Rep. Mumpower must be looking forward to buying his legislative Cadillac with campaign looks like Jason is part of the problem.
Google "Victor Ashe" and "George W. Bush"
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