Saturday, December 10, 2005


So much for that idea, I guess

Well, it was just a rumor anyway. Looks like Fred Phillips has resigned from his post, probably against his will. Even with this development I think he could beat Hilly boy, but at his age I don't think it's worth it. Who knows though. Looks like Hill dodged a bullet there, for a while. At least it was fun to see the Hill clan shaking in their boots for a few weeks.

Perhaps Phillips is resigning as to give both Governor Bredesen and the Tennessee Department of Safety a clean slate to work with - as Bredesen has pointed out, the TBI investigation of THP troopers indicates that the histories of criminal or drivivg violations goes back to 1964. To paraphrase the governor, "it may not have started during my watch, but it will iend on my watch."

These problems with the THP background checks certainly didn't end during either terms of the Sundquist Administration, and the Hill Tribe took up active rolls in Sullivan County to both elect and re-elect Don Sundquist as Tennessee Governor.

You see, Rep. Matthew Hill is quite simply a defacto Don Sundquist Republican. If Webster's Dictionary should ever feature a listing for "Don Sundquist Republican", you could rest assured that an portrait of Rep. Matthew Hill would illustrate such an entry into Webster's.

I do not necessarily see the unfolding of these THP-related events as an overwhelming situation compelling Phillips to resign, in fact, if Phillips was actually considering a run for the 7th District House seat. he would mostly have resigned from the Department of Safety around the end of 2005 anyway in order to start circulating his filing papes as a candidate.
Phillips definitely can't be blamed for all 41 years of bad culture.
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