Monday, December 05, 2005


Hilly Happenings

It appears that Daddy Hill is using assets of a non-profit organization for purely political activities. He is utilizing his email account for partisan political activity --- it is a big IRS no-no to use the assets of a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt for such political activities:

State Executive Committee
Senate District 2
Counties Represented: Johnson, Sullivan
Mr. Kenneth Hill
139 Polo Drive
Blountville, Tennessee 37617
Phone: (423) 279-0874
Work Phone: (423) 878-6279
Fax: (423) 878-6520

Admittedly, this is smaller than their earlier political misuse of the assets of a non-profit organization.

This is not surprising, since Hilly boy has done the same thing himself.

In late October, Rep. Steve Godsey was complaining about the lack of progress of TDOT highway projects in Northeast Tennessee. I am pretty confident he was not a big fan of Hilly boy's attempt to cut the Tennessee gasoline tax, along with the revenues available for new state highway construction and maintenance projects.

In early November, Hilly boy had an open house at exactly the same time as the Northeast Tennessee Republican Club and the Washington County Young Republicans held a barbeque and bluegrass meet and greet. Apparently, Matthew Hill was not invited, or he wanted to try to upstage them.

At Hill's open house, his legislative assistant, Joan Achuff, came to help. Given that Gov. Bredesen has asked the executive branch agencies to reduce unnecessary state travel, I am wondering if Rep. Matthew Hill actually flew in his legislative assistant, Joan Achuff, from Nashville while he attended the Republican barbeque --- Rep. Hill's official web site lists Achuff with a Nashville telephone number, so the assumption is that Achuff is based in Nashville.


reportedly this whine is the current pearl of wisdom spilling from the lips of Rep. Matthew Hill...

Sal, you really should consider a blog re-name (such as Rep. Matthew Hill's Deceit") and perhaps adding some national issues as well. I would like to post about the Bush War in Iraq given that this police invasion is one U.S. military engagement favored by War Protestor Matthew Hill.
HOLIDAY RIDDLE: {hint; multiple answers)

Q: How many fascists does it take to turn on a radio transmitter?

A1: 870

A2: 92.7


A4: 91.5
Matthew Hill: State Representative
Tennessee Online Campaign Finance -
Submitted Campaign Financial Statement

2006 Supplemental (2005)

NASHVILLE, TN 37215-4608

12/16/2005 $258.10

Yuppers...there you go, salida...saving the Tennessee taxpayers $258.10.
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