Saturday, November 19, 2005


HYPOCRITE Rep. Matthew Hill

Well, Hilly boy says that Governor Bredesen should return donations allegedly given by members of the Tennessee Highway Patrol or their relatives in return for promotions. I have no problem with that, Bredesen probably should.

However, when is Rep. Matthew Hill going to return the money he was given by Rep. Chris Newton, the only person who has pled guilty in the FBI's Tennessee Waltz sting? This looks like the pot calling the kettle black. We need Matthew Hill out of office if we want true ethics reform in Tennessee's government.

Here's Hill's own words:
It’s just as important that ethics reform doesn’t just stop in the House (of Representatives), but extends to the executive branch as well.” Hill and others said that ignoring this issue would block true and meaningful ethics reform and restoration of trust in the government.

Wouldn't it be nice if Hill would listen to his own words sometime? It's interesting that David Davis did not have his name attached to this. Perhaps there is only so much nonsense he can put up with in regard to Hilly boy.

It would do all these politicians well to read this article from the Kingsport Times News. Reform starts with each individual lawmaker, not with finger pointing.

The "Hillocrite" should also give all that Gregory campaign money back, given that the Gregorys were Altace business partners with Hoechst AG (Germany) and the U.S. Hoechst Marion Rousssel (USA) during the great National Right To Life Committee boycott against the RU-486 abortion drug...
I can't belive that I just waisted time reading your smear. I can't believe you waste your time writing all of this. Get a life.
Hey Brandy:

This is no smear --- check it out yourself at the U.S. Securities and Exchange web site ( )and use the Edgar Search to find the early (1998-2004) King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 10-k annual reports.

BTW: what is your brother's name...Nadine?
Given all the campaign donations that he has received from the Altace fortunes at various Gregory family members in Sullivan County, Rep. Matthew Hill seems to be terribly, terribly confused about his so-called "pro-life" stance...after all Mr. Hill, doesn't RU-486 "kill babies"???

All the Board of Directors --- at least all those ethical non-Hill family members --- serving the 501(c)(3) "non-profit" Appalachian Educational Communications Corporation should vote to move the AECC broadcast studio and office operations out of their current RU-486 Edgemont Avenue address inide the city limits of Bristol, Tennessee and slum back into the former AECC Weaver Pike digs out in the county.

Any indication as to how both the Bristol, Tennessee-based Christian Medical Association and the Christian Dental Association each view the RU-486 abortion drug and the Altace business partnership between the Gregorys at King/Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Hoecsht Marion Roussel (USA), and Hoecsht AG (Germany)?
I have been listening to the radio this morning and noticing that Rep. Matthew Hill's brother --- the Breakfast Flake of the Tri-Cities --- continue on about his "Good Morning Tri-Cities" rant pertaining to guberantorial campaign conributions from members of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

I have also been waiting for Little Chief Timothy to mention Robert Houk's commentary within the December 4 edition of the Johnson City Press wherein Houk reports on Washington County political speculation that democrat Fred Phillips may be challenging Rep. Matthew Hill for the 7th District House seat.

Phillips currently serves as the head of Tennessee Department of Safety under Governor I see why Little Timothy keeps on yammering about this topic...
I get it. It would seem that if Governor Bredesen should give back the money TN State Troopers gave him, Hilly boy could at least give back the tainted abortion money given to them by the Gregorys. What gives??
Man, Robert has issues!!
Jesus entered the Temple area and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. 'It is written,' he said to them, 'My house will be called a house of prayer but you are making it a den of robbers.'"

Matthew 21:12-13
Breakfast flake of the Tri-Cities, that was kinda funny.
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