Monday, October 24, 2005


No More Awful Coffee Shop Commercials

Well, Hilly boy has sold his coffee shop. Or more accurately, he has sold his coffee shop supplies. I guess you can only lose so much money. Since it was hardly ever open I am certain he just used the shop to try to convince voters that he was a hard working, small business owner. And since it has been for sale since right after he won the election, about 6 months after he opened it, I don't buy that he is selling it to focus more time on being a legislator.

In other news, Hilly boy's friend, Rep. Shaw, was in town last week. I wonder if Matthew Hill dropped by to say hello.

And finally, check out this nice picture of Matthew Hill, who is specifically named, protesting U.S. troops.

Those commercials are awesome!
Wake up and smell the coffee, Washington County.!

Rep. Matthew. Hill apparently doesn't know the essentials of running a start-up business from a "...hill of beans". And if those "Hill of Beans Coffee Shop' advertisemnets were truly awesome, wouldn't all of that paid commercial advertising on WPWT have generated the level of sales revenue that Hill would need to keep his business in operation???

I think that the March 25, 2004 (or approximate date) act of candidate Matthew Hill opening his "Hill of Beans Coffee Shop" thoroughly demonstrated (at best) his lack of judgment in launching a start-up coffee shop business in Jonesborough while he was also working in Bristol and suppossedly campaigning in Washington County during his 2003-2004 primary season.

In one instance, Rep. Matthew Hill states that he is selling the coffee shop business" in order to spend more time" with his family [his wife perhaps] and out of the other side of this mouth, Rep. Hill is quoted as saying that he needed more time to be an effective legislator.

At least Matthew Hill has his WPWT 870 AM Kool-Aid stand as a fall back...I thought that Hill was flip-floppdng during his entire interview with the Johnson City Press about the demise of his Jonesborough coffee shop:

"My wife and I enjoyed running the coffee shop, but selling it basically came down to two reasons," Hill said. "
One, I needed more time to be an effective state representative [this statement being a clear admission of fact from the lips of Rep Hill that he is indeed not an effective state representative
two, I wanted to be able to spend more time with my family."


Being in Nashville six to eight months out of the year has been a very eye-opening experience, and it became obvious that I needed more time to focus on being an effective representative."

Hey, if Rep. Hill was truly "...interested in spending more time" with his family, I imagine that Rep. Hill will not be seeking a second term ( additional 12 to 16 months "away from his family) as a House member within the Tennessee General Assembly
I dunno...I think the upshot is that Rep. Matthew Hill is stating that he has been an INEFFECTIVE legislator during his first term.
I am all for someone else, anyone else, being the next legislator for the 7th district.
The downside to not having to endure any more of the "Hill of Beans Coffee Shop" commercials:

Friday morning, October 28 --- Rep. Matthew Hill is making his second "guest house" appearance this week during WPWT 870AM "Good Mornings Tri-Cities". Now that he has more free time on his hands, do you suppose that Matthew is working his way back in as the regular "Good Morning Tri-Cities" host?

Not that I really care why the regular host is out of he studio, but perhaps his fellow "Good Morning Tri-Cities" host (and young brother) Timothy Hill shares Rep. Hill's entrepreneurial spirit and is exploring the possibility of opening up an ice cream shop in Virginia.
He must be effective he is keeping your interest. Obtuse, just obtuse.

You should get out of you basement a little more, go down and pick up your papers and run... run run I say!!
Also, looks as if someone felt it was a good business to buy, The Cranberry Thistle thinks so.
Hill would keep my interest "ike a rash on my ass" would keep my interest...but look at the time pattern of this Hill inspired "obsession":

Anonymous said....
He must be effective he is keeping your interest. Obtuse, just obtuse.
10:46 AM

Anonymous said....
Obsession is unhealthy. Take your meds.
10:53 AM

Obtuse. Obsession. It looks as though Rep. Hill is stuck in a "dictionary rut" with words that start with "ob..."
He hosted today!?! That's the first time this week -------.

Obsession is unhealthy. Take your meds.
Comments that include the last names of people who are not public figures (such as politicians) will be either deleted or reposted without the last name. I am doing this for no other reason but to protect bloggers from identity theft. By the way, the names that have been listed so far have very little to do with the operation of this blog.
I reckon we should thank all those Northeast Tennessee and Sounthwest Virginia tithers to Appalachian Educational Communications Corporation d.b.a. WHCB FM for helping to finance Classic rock 'n roll Top 40 hits on WHGG "Mighty 1090" AM radio...not what I would consider to be either an "educational" or "Christian" radio format...."Motown, Soul, and Rock 'n Roll: The Might 1090."

Here is a reposting of a comment that mentioned a non-public figure's last name. To protect from identity theft I have taken the last name out.

Anonymous said...

I am listening to WPWT 870 AM and noticing that absence of one particularly informative audience member --- Pat ----- (I am guessing at the correct spelling of his name) --- who regularly responds to the daily WPWT invitation to telephone live as a participant during the "Good Morning Tri-Cities" radio show..

In my observatoion, ------- is a frequent critic of public officials, most recently including Rep. Matthew Hill.

------- (if this is his actual name) would frequently introduces himself by his full name on-air, so if this should not yet qualify by salia's "public figure< rule, please scratch the last name (or pseudonym).

Geeze, I really miss listening to Pat ------- on WPWT --- whatever happened to good ole Pat -------? Maybe someone could dial up (423 - 878 - 5346) Matthew during his 07:30 to 09:00 a.m. EST "Good Morning Tri-Cities" radio program and inquire about ------... really ought to listen (well once anyway) to some of "Matthew's Morons" that call into "Good Morning Tri-Cities"...what a load!
Political harrasment???

I am in the process of checking for possible Sullivan County court records for criminal warrent(s) allegedly filed against a particular WPWT listener....stay tuned!
D-E-P-O-S-I-T-I-O-N...for a lawsuit in a Florida court???

How is this possible???
Hey, Washington County year's election season is now quickly approaching. What kind of bogus Jonesborough business do you suppose that Rep. Matthew Hill will "start-up" in 2006?
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