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LISTEN MATTHEW HILL: You Owe TN Victims Legislation Outlawing High-Performance Auto Aftermarket Gear

The following is an adapted post by Reformer:

Recently, in Johnson City, a teen was racing a "souped-up" Mustang and struck the stopped car of another teen, killing her. If Rep. Matthew Hill truly values life, then Hill owes legislation to Tennessee victims outlawing high performance motor/suspension gear.

Rep. Hill should introduce every point of the following model legislation (at the end of this post) to help protect the lives of people in Tennessee.

This legislation provides Tennessee families safer public roadways, fewer victims of drag racing accidents and it removes dangerous vehicles from the streets.

If you think about this problem, there really is not any rational reason to sell this kind of high-performance auto aftermarket gear in Tennessee. Gear such as, nitrous oxide systems, air induction systems, modified suspension systems, elevated truck suspension systems, gear that is on the market here in Tennessee.

Two callers alleged recently on the Bernier radio show, about the only place someone could get this type of gear locally is Ride Revolution, a Gregory owned business (the family that heavily funded Hill's election). Ride Revolution's company offices are also within the Gregory owned Leitner Pharmaceutical Building that houses the Hill family radio station.

Will Hill (or other TNGA Gregory money takers) introduce or support this type of legislation outlawing the high-performance auto aftermarket gear, knowing that he might fall out of grace with the Gregorys?

If Hill refuses to support such proposed legislation I don't think he can say he cares about the victims of the car crash. Will he place his value of Gregory campaign donations and AECC financial support over the safety of his 7th House District constituents? We'll see. Honestly, this time I hope he steps up and stands on his own two feet, and then I will whole heartedly applaud his actions.

Such model legislation would...(click & scroll down)

1) prohibit the consumer and/or retail dealer purchase, retail dealer sale, retail installation, and transfer of high-performance automotive aftermarket components and/or systems designed to increase high-speed engine performance and/or high-speed suspension performance exceeding the original performance specifications as established by vehicle manufacturer for all motor vehicles operating on the State of Tennessee public roadways;

2 ) prohibit the titling of motor vehicles in Tennessee that have been equipped with either high-speed engine performance systems or components and/or high-speed suspension performance systems or components within motor vehicles operating on the State of Tennessee public roadways;

3 ) allow seizure by Tennessee peace officers of motor vehicles modified with either high-speed engine performance systems or components and/or high-speed suspension performance systems that are found to operating on the State of Tennessee public roadways in violation of this act;

4 ) create a new Tennessee Department of Safety motor vehicle title class authorizing consumer motor vehicles modified with either high-speed engine performance systems or components and/or high-speed suspension performance systems or components to be operated in Tennessee for off-road/ track use only;

5 ) authorize the Tennessee Department of Safety to require any licensed motor vehicle operator in Tennessee utilizing either high-speed engine performance systems or components and/or high-speed suspension performance systems or components to be operated in Tennessee for either off-road or track use to purchase an off-road high-speed endorsement at the time of obtaining or renewing their Tennessee drivers license with the cost of such high-speed endorsement being of the same amount as obtain the motorcycle endorsement;

6 ) exempt professional individual or professional team race car teams who are members of nationally recognized and professional car racing associations (e.g: NASCAR) and operating their vehicles for track events and/or limited community and/or sponsor site display of their modified motor vehicles from the provisions of this act;

7 ) (a) upon conviction of a Tennessee motor vehicle owner in violation of this act, permit Tennessee law enforcement agencies to sell at public auction within the county of arrest and seizure, motor vehicles modified for either high-speed engine performance systems or components and/or high-speed suspension performance systems or components seized under this act;

(b) total auction proceeds collected under this act from the auction of a seized motor vehicle(s) modified with either high-speed engine performance systems or components and/or high-speed suspension performance systems or components shall be allocated in the following order:

(i) payment of court fees of motor vehicle operator convicted under this act;

(ii) payment of auction fees by state, municipal, and county law enforcement agencies pursuant to this act;

(iii) the remaining auction proceeds, this amount being the total auction proceeds less 7(b)(i) payment of court fees for the convicted motor vehicle operator and less 7(b)(ii) payment of auction fees, shall be as follows:

ninety percent (90%) the auction proceeds collected under this act shall be retained by the arresting state, county, or municipal law enforcement agencies and be allocated to agency programs enforcing the above listed provisions of this act, DUI enforcement, drag racing enforcement, and speed limit enforcement,

ten percent (10%) of the remaining auction proceeds collected under this act shall by retained by a municipal government in the instance of arrest by a municipal law enforcement agency or constable within municipal limits or retained by the county government in the instance of arrest by county sheriff department or by constable outside of municipal limits and allocated to the installation of street signs, traffic lights, or speed bumps serving public roadways.

He's been pretty quiet on this so far.
Do you suppose that Senator Ron Ramsey has any nitrous oxide bottles installed onto his Legislative Cadillac?
Hill is probably afraid that his campaign donator Susan Gregory (Ride Revolution) will dry up some of the Gregory money sources of both his campaign contributions and his soft life style courtesy of AECC...
What's really disgusting is that Hilly boy is now trying to make political hay for himself by proposing new drag racing legislation after the tragic death of the young lady a few months back. I see this as Hilly boy trying to capitalize on this tragic event. If he's really serious about public safety, then he needs to ban cell phone use in automobiles. I hear all of the time from police officers talking about accidents, sometimes fatal, caused from the use of cell phones in cars. I also wonder why Matthew hasn't tried to change the law that allows legislators to do 150 mph while traveling to session. I guess he enjoys being above the law. In my humble opinion, Hilly boy is a politician of the lowest class. A knee jerk reaction to a problem that's been prevalent on Roan Street for decades. It's just a shame that it took the death of a young lady for Hilly to do something about it. I guess it'll take someone else dying at the hands of a legislator who thinks he's Mario Andretti in order to correct this problem too. How many more people have to die needless deaths from people concentrating on dialing their cell phones instead of concentrating driving. Pathetic.HIlly boy is nothing more than a POLITICAL WHORE. It's all about Hilly my friends, and not about you.
How many high school prom queens buring to their death in Tennessee car crashes do you suppose that it will finally take for Rep. Matthew Hill to finally introduce legislation within the Tennessee General Assembly to completely outlaw the sale and installation of nitrous oxide systems within Tennessee? Two? Ten? One hundred???

Apparently one tragic death wasn't enough for young Mr. Hill...
Ok so I am not really in support of what you are fighting for. However, I just want to point out that we DO NOT by any means have a problem with a lot of drag racing. Yes, a drag racing accident caused the death of the high school girl HOWEVER old people cause a lot of wrecks too. Can't we also outline old people OH and the teenagers who (no matter what they drive) speed like a buncha demons? I mean come on you are focusing on one aspect and that is fast cars. Well what about my car? I'm a mother of two and drive a 95 olds LSS equipped stock with a 3800 supercharged engine and is WAY faster than most cars. Should they outlaw my car since it does go fast. I think (just like with guns) it's not the car.....ITS THE DRIVER. Good luck.
If you all feel so strongly about this outlawing modification of automobiles for a hobby, then move to another country. If you were not aware yet, this is the Land of the Free. Go to some comunistic country and throw these propositions at them, they may respond better. People don't modify cars to kill people. It's a hobby, they do it because they enjoy it. Maybe i should try to pass a law that prohibits eating cookies since people die from obesity and it's a contribution to it. Open your eyes, it's America and people will do as they wish with their own property. Deal with it.
Ok, first of all, what a moron. No, not Hill, whoever came up with this idea. Do you really think this will prevent deaths? Don't you think that if this happens, people who do have these items on their cars are much more likely to flee from the police, endangering even more lives? If you're going to lose your car, what's the point of pulling over for the police? Also, what do you think this would do for tourism in the State of Tennessee? Gatlinburg is going to suffer heavily if people won't go to any of the Rod Runs because they can't unload their cars off of the trailers. How many businesses would have to close their doors because of this loss of revenue? How many groups will no longer have fund raising car shows because no one will come? How many people would avoid Tennessee altogether on vacation because of knee-jerk reactionary measures like this proposal. If you want to punish people, punish the ones that are breaking the law, not the ones who aren't. You're only going to shoot yourself in the foot & hurt the lame state of Tennessee by pushing ridiculous measures like this. I'm a racer, a member of the SCCA, I'm a Safety Steward for Hill Climbs, Time Trials and autocrosses, and I've got a car with a supercharger on it that I regularly drive into Tennessee. Instead of worrying about things like who's got what under their hood, why don't you crack down on left lane bandits, people who talk on their cell phones & tune out the traffic around them, people who are too old to drive and insist on doing so anyways, endangering themselves & others? While you're at it, let's lock up the guys with the old cars with the 6 square inch taillights that can't be seen until you're right on top of them? You know, with that purple dot that they put in the middle of the taillight? Some poor grandparent is going to be driving down the road, talking on their cell phone, and not see them to react until they've already run over them because they couldn't see them. Cars don't kill people, idiots behind the wheel kill people. America's not such a bad place to live except for all the knee jerks that want to pass a law for everything.
jesus christ? limiting everything you can buy for cars now? my god, how far are these dumbasses in TN politics gonna take stuff. next thing you know people are going to be getting arrested for smuggling in air intakes or lowering springs.
I think this is the most stupid thing i have ever read . Just because one idiot messes up you have to punish an intire state ? you guys are are the biggest bunch of morons i have ever seen in my intire life ..
whats sad is that all these "old" people making up these laws did the same things to their cars when they were young. the fact that they ride around in caddys now and have to jump on bandwagons to keep theirselves elected so they don't have to find a real jobs that would actually require work. hopefully enough young people can stick together and vote idiots like this out of office.
Hill you a PIECE OF SHIT... Guns don't kill people ..people kill people YOU DUMB ASS HOLE ... I would be the first to IMPEACH YOU

Alcohol is worse on driving than any thing else and causes more deaths than All the power adders piled together .. AND you make laws to stop drinking and driving .. do you stop HELL NO PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE NOT ALCAHOL OR GUNS OR NITROUS!!!! DIPSHIT
This is sad this is being blamed on a non flammable gas and not the driver of the car. People modify there cars for a hobby why start taking it away? This is the most ludicrous bullshit i have ever seen.
well buddy you are a piece of work. guess we need to ban pens because someone got their death penalty signed. the problem in this country is education and the lack thereof. stupid people do stupid things. listen.
i work at a performance shop and own a performance import. just because i own it dont mean im goin to kill someone with it. just like a gun i own one of those too and im not goin to kill anyone with it. there is nothin worng with performance cars or parts. its not the cars or parts that are doin the killing its the drivers. because someone was street racing and killed someone dont mean that its the parts fault. i have seen so many people street race in stock cars. so if you are goin to ban performance pars because of street racein why dont you ban cars and trucks altogether? ooh wait i know cause your ass is to lazy to walk to you office. it wasnt the parts fault there are high speed and/or fatal wrecks. cars go plentyt fast enough to cause these same type of wrecks with out the performance parts. its just cause this one accident the guy had performance parts on his car. im shure he has raced many times before he even added the parts.
what a buch of crap....
this proposal is COMMUNISM at its finest...

just another example of kneejerk, feel good legislation.

the guy that hit and killed the girl could have done the same thing driving a stock economy car.
what would you do then? offerlegislation to ban that type of car from TN roads???

blame the DRIVER for his actions, not the EQUIPMENT on his car....

This whole thing sounds like some twisted episode of sienfield. Explain to me the difference between power adders such as nitrous and things like superchargers and turbochargers. Nitrous is just the quick and dirty way to make a car faster, there are a hundred other ways to boost output. Oh and btw, it doesn't require a ferrari enzo to crash into someone going 100, every car on the road is lethal no matter how fast it can go. This is nothing more than some political idiot taking advantage of a tradgedy.

"If Hill refuses to support such proposed legislation I don't think he can say he cares about the victims of the car crash." - are you daft?!? Ever heard of a little thing called the economy? The hobby of vehicle modification is well over a billion dollar industry, its people trying to make a living... not trying to kill little girls.
I can't believe this! Well then again, on the other hand I guess I can. Here is another SELF RIGHTEOUS, EGOTISTICAL BIGGOT!!! What is up with you thinking that you have a clue about how to fix things?! There are more groups out there just like you that have no clue and let their self righteousness do others harm. Look at the founder of MADD, in jail for DUI. MATT, (mothers against tired truckers). Now here is a group that is really beyond belief. Tired truckers huh. The old hours of service were as follows, no more than 10 hrs of driving without an 8 hr break of rest. You could split the break with a minimum of 2 hrs (a nap when you were tired) and another break for a total of 8 hrs after you had reached the 10 hr limit. Now there is a 14 hr clock that cannolt be stopped without an 8 hr consecutive break. The load has to go so if you don't have 8 hrs to stop, you cannot take a nap if you get tired. Hence now truckers are forced to drive tired or not get anywhere at all. Wow these people really knew what they were doing!! Just look at all of the truck accidents since that bit of self serving self righteousness took place. I read in the "proposed law" to villify suspension modifications... I guess that means you can't put better breaks on your vehicle that may make the difference of not running over that kid on a bike that darts out in front of you or paving the road with him/her. Or stickier tires to be able to take evasive action when that fool on the cell phone goes through a stop indicator.

In my continuous pondering of laws old and new, I have come to the conclusion that our founding fathers were the only ones that had it right. They at least were honest and had noble intentions without any agenda but protecting freedom. That is what this country is, THE LAND OF THE FREE!!!! How do you feel about Hitler, Stage Right? What do you think your actions amount to? Papers Please!!! Your ideas are blatently of tyrannical, dictitorial nature. What the victims are owed are the perpetrators of the crimes ASS! Not the freedoms of law abiding citizens. I am willing to bet that you are also one of those people that ride around in an SUV on somebody's ass because they wont get out of your way and you are late for an appointment. I also bet you gas instead of brake for that yellow light. How many times have you crossed those double yellow lines? I piss people off every day because I DO the speed limit, and I come to a complete stop and make sure it's clear before I pull out from a stop sign. I have a Twin Turbo sports car with around 500 horse power to the ground, but you will never see me acting the fool on public roads. I am a professional driver and have no citations. My job depends on it. Did I act stupid in my younger days? Yes I did! At least I am man enough to admit what wrongs I have commited but I bet you aren't! Get a life like the rest of the world or crawl back under your rock and leave the rest of the world alone with your nearsighted ideas.

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