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The Morning After Pill, Gregory & Hill

Well, it appears that the Gregory owned King Pharmaceuticals fortune would not be possible if it were not for the RU-486 "morning after" abortion pill. Below you will find a detailed explanation and timeline demonstrating how the Gregory family made their fortune by refusing to listen to every major anti-abortion group in the country. It just looks shady and Hill is right in the middle of it by taking all their money.

ALTACE BOYCOTT- GREGORY TIME LINE...(click & scroll down)

note: Prior to late 1998, many national anti-abortion groups across the United States were organizing for boycotts of products made by U.S. subsidary operations of Hoechst AG --- the following timeline entries pertaining to certain noteable I.G. Farben business practices during the Nazi Germany era (circa 1929-1945) are excerpts found at anti-abortion web sites protesting RU-486

The upshot here is that during the summer of 1995 the Gregorys --- and more specifically, King Pharmaceticals, Inc. CEO John M. and Presdent Jeffersen Gregory --- broke the 1994 National Right To Life Committee boycott of Altace by starting negotiations to purchase U.S. distribution rights of Altace from Hoechst Marion Roussel

1932 - I.G. Farben

- I.G. Farben was the name of the company that was responsible for many of the things that the holocaust has become known for. In 1932 I.G. gave Adolf Hitler its full support during the election which resulted in Hitler being presented with the Chancellorship of Germany. Without the support of I.G. Farben, Hitler could not have won his political fight. More often than any other corporation I.G. sat in the center of a web of international cartel agreements and participated in the plundering of other nations including Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France and the rest of Central Europe.
RU 486...RU Crazy?!
- I.G. Farben had a big part in developing chemical/gas warfare. Toxic gases were produced at Hoechst AG, AFGA, and Leverkusen plants. I.G. [Farben] produced fully 95% of the poison gas for Germany. It was called Zyklon B, a commercial form of hydrocyanic acid, which actively forms a gas upon contact with air. It was manufactured by a firm called Degesch which was largely owned by I.G. Farben, and had been brought to Auschwitz in the summer of 1941 as a vermin killer and disinfectant.
RU 486...RU Crazy?!

- I.G. Farben ran the Buna Rubber Works at Auschwitz as a result of opening a corporate concentration camp known as Monowitz on May 21, 1945. I.G. Farben used slave labor extensively in their factories throughout the Nazi Empire.
RU 486...RU Crazy?!
post World War II - Hoechst AG
- The Hoechst AG company is a company that came about as a result of the split of another German company after the dust had settled and the monsters of the Holocaust became more evident. The trials that resulted from the war crimes of WWII resulted in the forced break-up of a German chemical company called I.G. Farben. I.G. Farben was broken up into several smaller companies in the same way being proposed today for Microsoft. The only difference is that I.G. Farben was broken up because they were complicit in many ways as criminals of notoriety during war crimes investigations.

RU 486...RU Crazy?!
1980 -
- In 1980 a group of French scientists synthesized a molecule that chemically resembles the hormone progesterone. This molecule has a unique ability to bond to the progesterone receptor cells and block their normal activity. The result of the molecule's activity then is to block the body's use of the hormone progesterone which is vital to maintaining a pregnancy.
RU 486...RU Crazy?!

1987 - John Gregory
- John Gregory contemplates suicide by firearm; attributes his marital and business problems to alcohol;beomes a born-again Christian. [1]

1988 - Roussel Uclaf, RU-486
- After extensive testing, the French government accepted Mifepristone for public use. The drug is now commonly known as RU-486, the name assigned by the inventor company, Roussel Uclaf, a division of the chemical company Hoechst AG. The "RU" is for Roussel Uclaf, and 486 was the chosen introduction date, April, 1986
RU 486...RU Crazy?!



- Jefferson (Jeff) J. Gregory (brother of company founder John M. Gregory) is selected as President of King Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
June 14

- TIME magazine features RU 486 cover art with caption:

The Pill That Changes Everything
A new, simpler way to use RU 486 makes abortion a truly personal and private choice.
Now comes the battle.,16641,1101930614,00.html

- John Gregory establishes the 501(c)(3) tax exempt King Benevolent Fund (KBF).
July 7
- The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) announces an anti-RU486 boycott directed toward all 65 generic prescription drugs manufactured by Copley Pharmaceuticals, four over-the-counter Copley Pharmaceuticals products, and seven prescription drugs made by Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals, including the branded prescription cardiovascular drug Altace.

THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT. Friday, July 8, 1994.

- The Focus on the Family organization mirrors the anti-RU 486 inspired NRLC boycott and identifies the National Right to Life Committee, Life Issues Institute, Family Research Council, Concerned Women of America, Christian Life Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and Christian Coalition as "partners" in the boycott of Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals products:

The boycott's targets are all subsidiaries of Hoechst AG, a German company that has more than $7 billion in annual U.S. sales.

RU 486 is expected to enter America by way of The Population Council (TPC) - which asked for and received the RU 486 patent from Hoechst.


TPC expects to receive Food and Drug Administration approval to offer RU 486 in the U.S. in late 1995.

But Focus on the Family believes a boycott could disrupt that timetable.

"Our constituents have participated in a number of boycotts, and in nearly every one, we've seen companies come to the table looking for ways to get out from under the hot lights of a pro-family boycott," said Tom Minnery, vice president of public policy for Focus on the Family. "We're asking our constituents to do it one more time."

Minnery believes that the boycott could persuade Hoechst to withdraw TPC's [The Population Council] rights to distribute RU 486 in the U.S.


- The anti-choice Americans United for Life and the Eagle Forum organizations join the NRLC boycott of Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals products that include the HMR branded prescription drug Altace.
November 14

- 3) Pharmacists For Life Joins International Boycott

Having exhausted all reasonable and long-delayed avenues of solution, Pharmacists For Life International (PFLI) joined the numerous other pro-life groups in the international boycott against the parent company of the maker of the French abortion pill, RU-486. On Sept. 17th, the board of PFLI announced that it was joining the boycott against the American subsidiary of Hoechst, AG Hoechst-Roussel, Hoechst-Celanese, its generic subsidiary Coply Pharmaceuticals and the agricultural Hoechst subsidiary.

While other groups are focusing on the consumer side of the Hoechst boycott, PFLI will concentrate on a targeted, segmented approach to pressure Hoechst to rescind the RU486 license it issued to the U.S. pro-abortion organization the Population Council. PFLI will also seek to convince Hoechst to halt the testing of the "Human Pesticide" in the U.S., currently happening at at least 12 known sites, six of which are Planned Parenthood facilities. PFLI will concentrate on seeking support in the profession through institutional practices, wholesale/distributors, and community pharmacies (including independents and chains with latitude), It also is asking groups to *focus* on key Hoechst drugs which have the most economic impact rather than taking an across-the-board shotgun approach.

The drugs with the most potential for having an economic impact on Hoechst include: DiaBeta (glyburide); Altace(ramipril); Lasix(furosmide) and Topicort(desoximetsome). Glyburide is made by Hoechst under the trade name DiaBeta as well as being made by its Copley subsidiary. For a free wallet card or more information write: PLFI, P.O. Box 1281 Powell, OH 43065-1281.


Life Communications - Volume 4, No. 19 November, 1994

- Altace was bringing in under $90 million in revenues for Hoechst; Hoechst had stopped promoting Altace.
- Hoechst mergers with Marion Merrill Dow forming Hoechst Marion Roussel (HMR)

- King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. President Jefferson (Jeff) J. Gregory is made a member of the company's Board of Directors.

- King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. President Jefferson (Jeff) Gregory begins neogotations to purchase Altace from Hoechst Marion Roussel (HMR)

- ...Thirdly, another reason is that although pro-life is very efficient at fund raising and very effective at publishing, it is oblivious to the needs of the scientific and technological world that is rapidly spinning past them. This was best demonstrated by a conversation I had with pro-life fundraiser, John T. Finn. Mr. Finn, who runs Finn Communications (Redondo Beach, CA), a pro-life communications and marketing firm, told me that the pro-life industry (including education, literature sales, etc.) is a $100 to $200 million dollar industry.

Scientific Disinformation, Abuse, and Neglect Within Pro-Life. Lawrence F. Roberge. 1995.

April 21
- Concerned Women For America announces that the anti-RU486 boycott against the U.S. subsidiaries of Hoechst AG & Roussel Uclaf will be more narrorly focused onto the HMR prescription drugs Allegra, Cardizem, Seldane, Claforan, Lasix, DiaBeta, and Nicoderm - Altace is auspiously no longer included by Concerned Women For Americaas as a boycotted Hoechst Marion Roussel product:

Washington, D.C. --The nation's largest pro-family women's organization is standing in support of a boycott against the U.S. subsidiaries of Hoechst AG & Roussel Uclaf, developer and manufacturer of the abortion pill RU-486. The focus of the latest boycott is the new drug Allegra, an antihistamine made by the subsidiary Hoechst Marion Roussel. Concerned Women for America (CWA) participated in the National Right to Life Committee's press briefing at the National Press Club at 1:30 p.m. today.


When Filling Prescriptions: Upon request, physicians and pharmacists can provide the readily available alternative or generic brand of: Allegra, Cardizem, Seldane, Claforan, Lasix, DiaBeta, and Nicoderm. Another non-sedating antihistamine, such as Claritin, may work as well or better than Allegra. (Where health and safety are concerned, the advice of medical professionals should be followed.)

Boycott of New Drug 'Allegra' Aimed at Protecting Women & Children From Dangers of RU-486
- The branded antihypertensive prescription drug Altace generates $92 million dollars for Aventis [sic]

- In 1998 Hoechst announced it would merge with Rhone-Poulenc to create Aventis, and King Pharmaceuticals acquired U.S. distribution and marketing rights to Altace [from Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.] for $363 million, or approximately four times revenue.
May 12

- King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. President Jefferson (Jeff) Gregory contributes $1,000.00 to the Holcomb for Congress-98 election campaign that is seeking to elect former Tennessee State Senator King Pharmaceuticals lobbyist James (Jim) L. Holcomb to represent the Tennessee Ist House District within the U.S. Congress.
September 24

- The failed Holcomb for Congress-98 primary election campaign refunds $797.00 to King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. President Jefferson (Jeff) Gregory.

December 22

- Monarch Pharmaceuticals acquired

Effective December 22, 1998, Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of King Pharmaceuticals, Inc., will acquire ownership of the products listed below. After December 21, 1998, Hoechst Marion Roussel will no longer accept and/or ship orders for the listed products. All orders as of December 22, 1998, should then be placed through and will be invoiced by Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
All orders placed with Hoechst Marion Roussel by December 15, 1998 that have not beenshipped for the special year end trade terms, will be fulfilled by Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Inc., assuming the order meets the terms of the promotion. All returns will be handled by Monarch Pharmaceuticals. Please make all necessary adjustments in your system to reflect this ownership change.
sanofi-aventis Group.



- King Pharmaceuticals, Inc lobbyist and former Tennessee State Senator Jim Holcomb organizes a King legislative airlift to Nashville aboard a King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. corporate aircraft, transporting several republican Northeast Tennessee members of the Tennessee General Assembly (State Senator Ron Ramsey; State Rep. Jason Mumpower. State Rep. David Davis, and; State Rep. Steve Godsey) to lobby the TennCare Director Brian Lapps for the approval of Altace on the TennCare Preferred Drug List.

- Altace is placed on the TennCare Preferred Drug List (PDL).

- (September 26) TennCare Director Brian Lapps resigns.
- "...Consistent with our strategy to acquire established branded pharmaceutical products, we have acquired 34 branded pharmaceutical products since December 1994. Most recently, we acquired three branded pharmaceutical products from Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc. ("HMR"). The acquired products were

(1) the U.S. rights to the Altace(R) product line, an Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitor with patent protection until 2008;
(2) HMR's worldwide rightsto the Silvadene(R) product line, a burn cream; and

(3)HMR's worldwide rights to the AVC(TM) product line, a vaginal anti-infective cream."


"...The acquisition of Altace(R) will also provide strong cash flow, as we have entered into a five-year agreement with Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc. to supply us with Altace(R) at a contract price which, at current selling prices, results in approximately 90% gross margins."
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. King Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1999 10-K, pp. 2-3.

- King's earnings peaked in 2001, when the company reported net operating income of $366 million. Forbes magazine ranked Gregory as the 317th richest person in America, estimating his worth at
$810 million.

The Virginia-Pilot. General Assembly Top donor to Kilgore facing probe.
October 16


BRISTOL, Tenn.-King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE:KG) announced today that Jefferson J. Gregory, President of King, will become also Chief Executive Officer of King, effective January 1, 2002. John M. Gregory, presently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, will continue in the position of Chairman of King.

Jefferson J. Gregory has served as President of King since the Company's founding in 1993 and as a member of the Company's Board of Directors since 1995. He graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law with a Juris Doctor in 1985, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy in 1979, and Montgomery College with an Associate of Arts degree in 1976. Jefferson Gregory has greater than thirteen years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

John M. Gregory, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of King, stated, "It is a great pleasure for me to announce the appointment of Jeff Gregory, my brother and long-term business partner in the building of King, as Chief Executive Officer. Jeff has demonstrated his skills as a great business leader through his exceptional performance and dedication while serving in the role of President since King's inception. Specifically, Jeff has led successfully every acquisition by the Company of branded pharmaceutical products, including King's largest product Altace� (ramipril), as well as our most recent acquisition this year of Corzide� (nadolol, bendroflumethiazide) and three other branded products from Bristol-Myers Squibb Company."

"Jeff's promotion will allow me to dedicate myself to focusing more of my time on working with the Company's executive team in the continuing development of our proven growth strategies, while Jeff effectively leads the executive management of the Company and the successful implementation of our strategies," explained John Gregory.

Joseph R. Gregory, Vice Chairman of King, commented, "Along with John, I also congratulate Jeff on his well-deserved promotion. This logical progression well-positions King as we continue to work together for the ongoing success of the Company."

Jefferson J. Gregory, President of King, said, "I am very excited and honored to assume the position of Chief Executive Officer. Moreover, I look forward to continuing to work with King's experienced management team and employees as we successfully build on the Company's extraordinary success."

January 1

- King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. President Jefferson (Jeff) Gregory is now the new King Chief Executive Officer.


- John Gregory, 50, retired a wealthy man at King's shareholder meeting in June; Gregory's 5% stake in King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is worth an estimated $220 million.

- The John Gregory owned SJ Strategic Investments, LLC filed charter with Tennessee Secretary of State


- Long-time Sullivan County resident Matthew Hill announces his sate representative candidacy with the 2004 Tennessee 7th House District elections in Washington County.

- Matthew Hill leaves his WPWT 870 host position of the two-hour morning talk radio show "Good Morning Tri-Cities" while remaining the "Group Area Manager" of the non-legally recognized "Appalachian Radio Group" entity (ARG being a moniker used by Matthew Hill and his father, Dr. Kenneth C. Hill to describe their combined business operations of both the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Appalachian Educational Communications Corporation (AECC; includes the Cameo Theatre [sic] located in Bristol, Virginia) and the for-profit Informations Communications Corporation (WPWT 870 AM) originating within the Leitner Pharmaceutical Building located at 340 Edgement Avenue, Bristol, Tennessee.

- AECC President Dr. Kenneth C. Hill --- father of Tennessee 7th House District Republican candidate Matthew Hill --- announces his creation of the State of Franklin PAC during a "Good Morning Tri-Cities" broadcast; AECC Chief Financial Officer A.G. "Bud" Branscomb, AECC President Dr. Kenneth C. Hill, and Matthew Hill all work out of the Leitner Pharmaceutical Building.

- Tenn. Conservative PAC rents office from SJ Strategic Investments, LLC within the Leitner [Pharmaceuticals] Building located at 340 Edgemont Avenue, Bristol, Tennessee.

- Washington County business license records indicate that on the date of March 25 that the Republican state house candidate Matthew Hill evolved into a businessman following the start up of his "Hill of Beans Coffee Shop".

- 7th District House republican and anti-choice candidate Matthew Hill receives significant campaign contributions from individual Gregory family members, Gregory in-laws, and employees of SJ Strategic Investments, LLC.

- Money from Gregory family members,Gregory in-laws, and employees of SJ Strategic Investments, LLC. streams into both the State of Franklin PAC and the Tenn. Conservative PAC treasuries.

- 7th District House republican and anti-choice candidate Matthew Hill receives significant political action committee campaign contributions from both the State of Franklin PAC and the Tenn. Conservative PAC

- In a February 2 press release, John Gregory announces that former King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. lobbyist Jim Holcomb is hired as "Director of Governmental Relations" at SJ Strategic Investments, LLC. Holcomb had organized the August 1999 King legislative airlift of several republican Northeast Tennessee members of the Tennessee General Assembly to a Nashville meeting with then TennCare Director Brian Lapps.
- On or about February 2, Poitical Action Committee Treasurer Jim Holcomb files original application with the Tennessee Secretary of State for the registration of the Tenn. Conservative PAC.
May 14
Federal Election Commission Individual Contribution Search Results [:Gregory;TN] reveals that James M. Gregory --- son of John M. Gregory --- is employed by State of Franklin PAC President and 501(c)(3) tax exempt Appalachian Education Communications Corporation President Dr. Kenneth C. Hill at WHCB 91.5 FM.

WHCB 911.5 [sic; actually 91.5] FM RADIO
05/14/2002 1000.00 22020481647

Both the WHCB 91.5 FM offices and studios are located within the Gregory-owned Leitner Building at 340 Edgement Avenue in Bristol, Tennessee.

- Ramsey criticizes record of opponent

By Hank Hayes
NET News Service
Story published: 10/5/2004

KINGSPORT - Tennessee Senate GOP Caucus Chairman Ron Ramsey criticized the record of his re-election opponent and challenged Democratic criticism of former King Pharmaceuticals Chairman John Gregory's cash contributions to Republicans in a talk toa Kingsport Republican Women's luncheon on Monday.


Ramsey also took on Democratic leaders for what he called "turning on the fog machine."

Last week, Senate Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Haynes said state Republicans lack credibility when it comes to dealing with the high cost of prescription drugs because their campaigns are being fueled by Gregory and other Gregory family members.

Ramsey said Democrats are more scared of what Gregory's money could do for the GOP.

"They are frightened," Ramsey said of Democrats. "They are afraid they are about to see their 140-year reign of power in state government come to an end this year. They have a real problem across the state. We win on the issues. ... When we start talking about same-sex marriage and a constitutional amendment to say that marriage is about one man and one woman, not only does the governor start getting nervous, the Democrats get nervous. They know they are losers on those issues."


Ramsey called Gregory one of the finest upstanding Christian men people would ever want to meet.

"He decided to put his money behind his beliefs," Ramsey said of Gregory. "He wanted to elect conservative Republicans who believe like he does - that are pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and pro-family. ... (Democrats) are trying to make this link between John Gregory giving money to Republicans and your health care is going up. What a farce. There is no way to connect these dots. ... We're getting all this dirty money, and they are outspending us 2 to 1."

Ramsey said the "most hypocritical part" of the Democratic attacks is that Gov. Phil Bredesen had a fund-raiser at King Pharmaceuticals last year.

"Senator Ramsey is wrong," said Bob Corney, Bredesen's communications director. "We toured four different facilities that day - major employers in that area. ... The only fund-raising event was at (Washington County businessman) Jim Powell's."

Corney added that Bredesen returned a $5,000 contribution from Gregory's brother, former King Pharmaceuticals executive Jefferson Gregory.


Democrats hold a slim 18-15 majority in the Senate.

After the luncheon talk, Ramsey said he didn't expect changes in the state's campaign finance laws.

"We have limits on what individuals can give," Ramsey said. "We have limits on what (political action committees) can give. ... It's just the fact that we are countering them dollar for dollar is what has them on the run."

For more about Ramsey go to
[Senator Ron Ramsey campaign positions] Abortion It is impossible for an unborn child to make a decision about life or death. I personally find abortion on demand unacceptable, and firmly oppose state-funded abortion in any circumstance. Our liberal Tennessee Supreme Court has overturned even the most common sense restrictions on abortion such as waiting periods and informed consent. I am working hard to enact a consitutional ammendment to change this in Tennessee, and I am pleased my efforts have been recognized by Tennessee Right to Life, which has endorsed my re-election effort. In 1997, my first year in the state senate, I co-sponsered and passed the bill to ban partial birth abortion in Tennessee.


someone call up Michelle Gantz "from Northeast Tennessee Right To Life" and inquire as to if RU-486 kills babies...
What is remarkable about the self-described "conservative pro-lifer" John Gregory is that he and his brother Jefferson (Jeff) broke with the 1994 National Right To Life Committee Boycott of RU-486 pharmaceutical manufacturer Hoechst AG (Germany) by the summer of 1995 in order to begin negotiations to purchase the U.S. distribution rights from Hoechst Marion Roussel (US) for Altace.

In my mind, any republicans - such as Rep. Matthew Hill from Jonesborough - chosing to accept campaign funding from the various Gregory family are essentially phoney "pro-lifers"...abortion, pro-life, family values and the like seemingly takes the backseat to Rep. Matthew Hill's easy campaign contributions and soft lifestyle at RU-486 Edgement Avenue.
I am confused...Are all of y'all Christians? Have you read the Bible?

Here are the Facts.
1. King is a pharma company that is bound by US regulations. One of these regulations requires CEO board members to act in the best interest of the company. PERIOD. The corporate shield can be pierced if this is not followed.

2. This current group appears to have problems with the fact that a government approved a pharmaceutical agent that can be used for abortions.

3. This group then used this outraged to attempt to influence the electorate?

Since this group of individual have used the Bible to tell elected officials they are currently in violation of biblical law. Under Mark those who attempt to influence the elected are the false profits. Under Deuteronomy false profits can be sentenced to death by a stoning.

How many of you who call yourselves true Christians even realize that you actions are not justified in the New Testament.

God is love, not hate and evil viterol used by the false profits to undermine our society.
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