Monday, December 05, 2005


Fred Phillips

Rumor has it, this guy might challenge Hilly boy. It appears from his knowledge and experience that he would be a better leader asleep than Matthew Hill at anytime.

With this rumor, Hilly boy has decided to launch his campaign for re-election. Over the last few weeks, Matthew's radio puppet, Timothy, has been harping on the Tennessee Highway Patrol about how evil they all are. He even started mentioning Fred Phillips by name. I doubt that their horrible radio station will offer an equal amount of air time for Phillips to "campaign" against Hill. If I were a fire fighter or law enforcement official in Tennessee, I would be fighting mad about how Hilly boy is trashing them out of fear of being defeated. This will mark the second time that Hill has disrespected a man old enough to be his grandfather by running the man's name through the mud. All the while, Hilly boy claims to be a fine upstanding Christian.
Commissioner Fred Phillips is no stranger to the Department of Safety. In 1991, he served as the director of the department's Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy, which is responsible for coordinating training for law enforcement officers statewide. He then served as Deputy Commissioner of the department and commander of the Tennessee Highway Patrol from January 1993 until he was elected Sheriff of Washington County in September of 1994. As Sheriff, he oversaw a number of initiatives, including the launch of 29 community watch programs, and the creation of a reserve officer training program in which citizens provide vital public safety support to deputies.

He had just begun his third term as Sheriff when Governor Phil Bredesen asked him to come back to the Department of Safety, this time as commissioner. He brought with him nearly 40 years of law enforcement experience, beginning as a patrolman for the Johnson City Police Department, and spending most of the 80's as their police chief. Along the way, he served three years as a special agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The Jonesborough native serves on the boards of the National Sheriffs Association, which elected him "Sheriff of the Year" by a unanimous vote in 1999. Commissioner Phillips holds an associates degree in criminal justice from Walters State Community College in Morristown. He and his wife Verla have two children and four grandchildren.

Imagine what Phillips would make of Phat Matt's drag racing bill...

It is painfully obvious that intelligence is not an attribute needed for election into the Tennessee House (e.g.: Jimmy Quillen; Matthew Hill) and I would tend to think that Brother Timothy is probably eyeing the elective opportunity --- albeit, Gregory financed --- for a house seat of his own from Bluff City...too bad Godsey (or is that Mumpower) will have to go to make way for another Gregory-Hill in Nashville.

And have you noticed that there aren't any brothers named "Paul" in the Hill Tribe?
I bet Matthew would welcome the competition from Com. Phillips. They could even debate the real issues that are raised by people who actually live in this district. Instead of oustiders making anonymous personal attacks on a obscure blogs. Isn't that right Bob?
I feel bad for Bob. He gets picked on a lot. I have yet to meet him, but we have e-mailed.
I am wagering that Matthew Hill would fill his pants full by atempting to debate "real issues" with a scarecrow, let alone Phillips. It came out during the 2004 7th House District republican primary debate - set up in the Jonesborough Visitors Center by Matthew Hill - that Hill gave the other two republican candidates less than 24 hours notice of the date set for the debate.

Rep. Hill roars more like a wuss than he does a lion...

You also seem to forget that in 2004 then candidate Matthew Hill almost entirely financed his 7th district house campaign against Bob Patton from both the cash Hill received from "outsiders" (including individual donors and political action committees) and the many expenditures of "outsiders" - third party groups in Nashville buying advertising in the Johnson City news media - and that it was these same groups of "outsiders" that actually introduced the supposedly "real issues" parrotted during the campaign by Matthew Hill.

We don't yet know that Rep. Hill will be running for far as we all know, Rep. Hill and Rep. Mumpower might both be enlisting in an U.S. Army buddy plan and shipping off together for Iraq...
"It came out during the 2004 7th House District republican primary debate - set up in the Jonesborough Visitors Center by Matthew Hill - that Hill gave the other two republican candidates less than 24 hours notice of the date set for the debate."

-This is exactly the kind of thing that makes me oppose Hilly boy. He is so rude, clueless and unprofessional.
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