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It's Like a Circus Show on the Radio

The other day Timothy Hill (of the WPWT 870 AM "Tower of Half-Truths") was whining over how it was reported within an area newspaper that a possible candidate for the office of Carter County Mayor was "testing the waters" before making the full plunge and fully committing himself to a political campaign.

The Morning Flake then went on ranting about his disgust for political candidates using polling as part of the campaign about the pot calling the kettle black.

The following campaign finance information regarding polling paid for by little Timothy's brother --- Matthew Hill: Tennessee State Representative --- is found at Tennessee Secretary of State online campaign finance website:

2004 Pre-General

09/20/2004 to 10/23/2004


DAVIS, CA 95616

Just another example of Little Hilly Boy (Timmy Hill) getting on the radio and running his mouth. If Matthew were smart, he'd get his brother off of the air. He's only making it worse for him to get re-elected. Also, Little Hilly Boy is for lifting limits on individual donations to political candidates. No wonder. Sugar Daddy Centimillionaire John Gregory could then buy and put in office these homophobic, fascist, anti-civil liberty pro big business and to heck with the little guy Republicans in office in perpetuity. No wonder somebody like Gregory is a Republican. Heck, I'd be a Republican too if I had hundreds of millions of dollars. The sad fact is, Little Hilly Boy actually thinks that these centimillionaires are actually looking out for him. What a joke. No Democrat would ever be elected to office in East Tennessee again if the political donation cap of $1000 were lifted. Follow the money. That's what it's all about folks. If you are poor, and I mean poor by meaning you are worth less than a couple of million of dollars; and you vote Republican, then you are either stupid, ignorant or both.
"Although it is not true that are all conservatives are stupid is true that most stupid people are conservative."
It has been awhile since I have posted anything on this site, but I do read it often. I, unfortunately, know Rep. Hill on a personal level, since he married into the family. I do not approve of, or support many of the things that Rep. Hill does both in and out of office. Keeping that in mind, remember that there are conservatives out here that do not agree with, or want Mr. Hill in office any more than some liberals. So for all you that read and post on this site, liberal or conservative, remember the focus of this site is to expose Rep. Hill as an inept, hypocritical politician, not to attack others simply because of differing political views. I am sure that if one were to look into all the politicians in Nashville, Washington, or any state capital they could fine poor politicians from BOTH parties, liberal, and conservative, just as they could find many good politicians from BOTH parties and views. Extremists are the problem, and that goes for far left and far right. So for those attacking me, simply because I am a conservative, please, grow up, and lets keep the focus of this site in mind, and think about what we post prior to typing a hasty note that may cause conservatives, who do not personally appreciate being called stupid, to decide that perhaps those supporters of this site are not out to have an honest, far, and just representative in Nashville, but would simply attack any conservative candidate because of political affiliation, rather than the quality of the job done.

Civil Liberties --- Sometimes a Moral Sin (If you hold the Christian World View).......

Who is sick and tired of Little Hilly Boy bashing homosexuals on the air every morning?? Now while I am not gay, it seems to me that nothing gives little Hilly more pleasure than to attack homosexuals on the air every morning. Even the SRN newscast always has some news blurb about homosexuals every day on WPWT. The latest is that little Hilly has been in Richmond, VA this week. He's spent probably half the time talking about how evil it is for homosexual couples to adopt children. And to get married to. Think about this people. While the children argument might have more weight, what's the problem with letting two consenting adults of the same sex get married?? Who is harmed by this?? Society? Please. The next thing on the Hilly Boys' docket will be to make free speech and freedom of religion illegal. After all, isn't it against the preachings in the Bible to, for instance, worship Baal or read Hustler magazine. Using the same logic, then why wouldn't the Hilly Boys be against these type of activities to the point of making them illegal?? It's the same logic, right. These Conservative wack jobs are downright scary. Your CIVIL LIBERTIES are under attack people. They are coming after the homosexuals now. Next, will be those that disagree with them politically or religiously, and all of this couched in the Bible. If they operate on principle, it has to be so. If they don't come after your free speech or freedom of religion, then the attack on homosexuals is just that, a bigoted attack. So, no matter what happens, it's bad. They are either bigots, or they threaten your civil liberties. Your pick. My pick is to get new Representation here in Jonesboro. I live here so I'm scared to death.
Hang in there. Maybe there will be an election in 2006 and 08 if their Conservatives Messiah don't suspend them. Who is that?? "W" Bush.............................
Be careful, Cheney might want to torture you for dissenting political opinions............
And these Conservative Wack jobs are still driving around with the "W" stickers on their cars....
What does "W" stand for??
WAR -- Perpetual WAR that is...
1) The "...most stupid people are conservative" quote was made by the British philosopher John Stuart Mill;

2) i believe in the concept of the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution and the "separation of church and hate" and toward this regard, I further believe that marriage is a religious ceremony that should not be licensed (established) by any government within the United States --- perhaps all this being a long about way of stating that state and local governments should not be in the business of licensing and selling marrigae certificates.

These American states (and local governments) should be constitutionally restricted to issuing licenses of "civil union" without regard or discrimination toward hetrosexual or homosexual orientation.;

3) salida should permanently link both the "Taj MaHill" and the "Renting Hill Warehouse Space To Jesus" posts under the "Why I Hate Hill Boy" links.
I consider myself a moderate conservative so I don't really agree with much of the hate language. I can appreciate being challenged and I will entertain other views, but many people are not all conservative or all liberal. So some of these blanket statements are way too simplified and immature.
I do agree that we need to remember this site is about getting an honest, fair and just representative in Nashville. Those of you on the left are welcome to post your passionate views, but attacking those who are different from you is childish. This doesn’t encourage others to chime in since they see so much hate.

On another note, most Christians with a shred of intelligence do not wish any harm on homosexuals, but they do get tired of a homosexual agenda being pushed down their throats in most facets of society, or at least entertainment. Of course, they can just ignore it or pay attention to something else, I guess.

I do question whether any government has any business licensing marriages. In Biblical accounts of marriage, the sanctity came from the fact that a man and a woman made a promise to God about their commitment to each other, and not because it was licensed by a government.
"...most Christians with a shred of intelligence do not wish any harm on homosexuals, but they do get tired of a homosexual agenda being pushed down their throats in most facets of society, or at least entertainment. Of course, they can just ignore it or pay attention to something else, I guess."


Well, the abovelisted anonymous blogger is right that the WPWT "Tower of Half-Truth" 870 AM" features regular --- and read here as almost daily --- SRN "news reports" slamming gays, all while not identifying the so-called "homosexual agenda". I think that what we are talking about here (in most cases) would be more accurately described as "civil rights" of individuals with American society who happen to be gay.

I recently read a letter to the editor featured within the Johnson City Press slamming WCYB channel 5 in Bristol for airing the NBC "The Book of Daniel" show for various reasons (Fridays at 10:00 p.m.) --- undoubtedly such letters will only serve to call more even more audience attention to the thought provoking"The Book of Daniel" television series.

Matthew Hill: Tennessee State Representative wanting a state constitutional amendment to prohibit the state recoginition of civil unions between adult homosexuals on the basis of what he may have anti-gay propaganda heard from the SNR crowd makes about as much sense as Rep. Matthew Hill wanting to prohibit the State of Tennessee from selling fishing licenses and trout stamps to homosexuals based on what Rep. Hill has viewed on the Brokeback Mountain motion picture.
There is not a lot about The Book of Daniel that is thought provoking. I have watched 3 episodes and found it to be badly written, not because one of the guy's sons is gay, but because every character and problem are over the top and too dramatic.

"An SS association set up by Himmler in 1935, and funded by coerced donations from the SS, the aim of the Lebensborn ("Source of Life") was essentially to lend support to the [Nazi] regime's racist policies. Lebensborn members activitely oppossed abortion and supported an increase in the birth rate. Administratively, they were dependent on the economic division of the SS, but functionally they were linked to the SS department that dealt with racial issues.

During the [Second World] war, premises were open to take in unmarried 'racially pure' mothers to mate with the regime's racial elite - namely the the SS - and procreate 'healthy' children; eleven 'source of life' premises were opened in Germany and nine in the occupied territories of France, Belgium, and Norway; it resulted in some 8,000 babies being born.

Thus in addition to implementing racist, anti-Semitic policies that aimed to expel all those 'unworthy' of living in Germany, the Nazi regime also actively promoted procreation even outside the family unit and the bonds of marriage that it was unflaggingly praising in its propaganda as the basis for a strong society. Faced with the need to safeguard the race, even the constituted order took second place."

fr. A New Illustrated History of the Nazis: Rare Photographs of the Third Reich. p. 104. Flavio Fiorani, ed. 2005.
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