Monday, January 02, 2006


Political Volleyball

Here’s a nice letter from the chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party in response to Beth Harwell’s demand that Bredesen “provide voters with 'real assurance that trust is being restored to their state government.”

I would urge you to step forward and explain to voters why you — during your initial tenure as Republican Party chairman in 2001 and 2002 — violated federal campaign finance law by misappropriating more than $335,000 in political contributions.

"Specifically, the Federal Election Commission found your Party received more than $310,000 in contributions from 20 individuals and three political action committees (PACs) that exceeded legal limits. Moreover, your Party received a $25,000 contribution from what the FEC described as an 'apparent prohibited source.' The FEC said this violation resulted in the largest fine ever issued by the agency under its alternative dispute resolution program.

"Furthermore, you have remained noticeably silent in recent weeks with respect to developments concerning political contributions to your Party by John Gregory and other individuals with close financial ties to King Pharmaceuticals Inc. As you know, the U.S. Justice Department in November announced that King Pharmaceuticals must pay $124 million to settle claims that it bilked federal and state Medicaid programs, including TennCare, under John Gregory’s leadership from 1994 to 2002.

"Representative Halteman-Harwell: John Gregory and other individuals with close financial ties to King Pharmaceuticals were major contributors to the Tennessee Republican Party during your initial tenure as chairman in 2001 and 2002. We view those contributions as taxpayer funds that were taken away from health care for the poor, the sick and the disabled.
Don’t worry, Harwell just dismissed the issue as a "bookkeeping error" and an "accounting procedural mistake.”

"Glossing over $335,000 in illegal contributions and calling it a ‘bookkeeping error’ is something that might happen at Enron or WorldCom," Tuke said.
And lastly, here’s an interesting item you can pick up at the Gregory owned Ride Revolution website. I especially like the use of “Forbidden” on the cover of this particular DVD.

I was listening this morning (01/03/2006 Tuesday) to Rep. Matthew Hill's "Goof Morning Tri-Cities" (hosted by his little brother Timothy Hill) to an interview with Reverend Daddy Dr. Hill --- the State of Franklin PAC president --- in that he recalled having Rep. Beth Harwell as a guest inside the WPWT studios within the Leitner Pharmaceuticals Building

...I do not believe that is any stretch of imagination that Harwell was also paying visits to John Gregory's Tennessee Conservative political action committee, Ride Revolution corporate headquarters, and Leitner Pharmaceuticals all located within the Bristol, Tennessee 340 Edgemont Avenue office building.

I am also wondering if Good Morning Tri-Cites" host Timothy has been to any good complimentary major league sport events lately...
See, just about any politician that visits the Hill family studio probably drops by to see the Gregory interests too. It's impossible to abstain from the appearance of impropriety when one is so dependent on Gregory money.
Buy American? Tennessee State Representative Beth Harwell is a business partner with the Chinese communists --- the toy company that she owns with her husband outsources its' toy production to Red China.

Makes me ponder the question about forced abortion in Commie China: do you suppose that the overseas Chinese toy manufacturer that produces Rep. Harwell's toys is also forcing their pregnant female employees to have abortions?
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