Thursday, January 26, 2006


What Does War Protester Hill Know About Ethics?

Come on, Hilly boy is the embodiment of unethical. Right now he is supposed to be working for ethics reform in Tennessee, reform that specifically targets lobbyists. Yet, he wants to be a lobbyist himself. Unbelievable.

And for a comparison of class and trash, just look at what Hill and Crowe said in response to the possibility of Phillips running.

Here is class, demonstrated by Crowe:

Crowe, in a prepared statement, had only one thought on Phillips’ recent announcement, saying “It sounds as though Fred has not made up his mind as to what he wants to do.”

Instead, Crowe seemed more inclined to speak about his own candidacy and focus prior to August.

And here is trash and immaturity, demonstrated by Rep. Matthew Hill:

Hill said he believes that the voters of Washington County will cast their ballot for the candidate who has the strongest and most ethical background.

“Personally, I don’t think voters are going to send a Democrat to the House to vote alongside the Fords and Naifehs,” said Hill, referring to Rep. Ophelia Ford and Speaker of the House Jimmy Naifeh.

And, in this story, it is no surprise that the one state representative from our area who said the absolute least about ethics reform was Tennessee State Representative Matthew Hill.
And finally, you can guarantee that Hilly boy will do his best to make sure lobbyists continue to have access to legislators.


Rep. Judd Matheny was on the Circus Show Little Hilly Boy's Radio show this morning. He said that the old political machine that runs Tennessee doesn't like that the new politicians can use the internet and "turn the light on them" as he said. Just remember Judd, that works both ways. Us old folks know how to use the internet too!!! We even know how to blog!! Imagine that!!!
Let me give you another clue Juddy boy. Some people that advocated the income tax aren't bad people. They are just sick and tired of the poor people of this state bearing a larger portion of the load when it comes to funding the state!! I just wonder if you anti-income tax supporters ever read about the camel and the eye in the needle thing??? Anyway, stay tuned!!! US DEMOCRATS CAN BLOG TOO!!!!!!
yeah...but politicans like Rep. Matthew Hill can use the force of state to "establish religion", as exampled by the bill that he signed onto last year creating a Tennessee speciality license that would fund the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Thanks to Rep. Hill, the State of Tennessee will be compeled to offer Tennesseans of other faiths such as Wiccans (a group similar to Appalchain Educational Communications Corporation that teaches magic) with the equal opportunity to have state issued licensed plates...
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