Monday, February 13, 2006


Newton Laughs at Ethics Reform Bill

Well, look here. Former Republican legislator Chris Newton says the new ethics reform bill is a joke. As the only person to plead guilty in the Tennessee Waltz sting, he should know.

Today, the Hill family radio station declared that Newton was a liar and a thief so we don't need to listen to him on this topic. If that is the case, why won't state Representative Matthew Hill return the money that Newton donated to Hill's campaign? If he is such a liar and thief, shouldn't Hilly boy have nothing to do with Newton at all? I guess it is hard for Hill to depart with money that he doesn't actually earn himself.

Newton said the ethics reform bill fails to curtail the influence of big spending special interests in elections.

"If you have almost unlimited amounts of PAC money, that becomes a factor in people's deliberations up here," State Sen. Steve Cohen said.
Speaking of someone who distributes almost unlimited amounts of money through PACs, here is yet another Gregory business development. Hope those people don't miss their families in Tupelo.

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