Friday, March 31, 2006


Apparently, a lot of people don't like Hilly boy

Looks like the battle is on in the 7th District:
Phillips… pledged to run a positive campaign "on what I can do and what I can bring back to Washington County."

…"When a man or woman came for help, I never asked ‘Do you belong to the Democrat Party or do you belong to the Republican Party?'" Phillips told supporters. "It's not about party lines. It's what about Fred Phillips can do for this community."

Tennessee Democratic State Executive Committee member Tom Jessee, who will be running Phillips' campaign, said Hill is vulnerable.

"He is the epitome of a candidate who can't get any traction in Nashville to get things done," Jessee said of Hill.

Phillips' candidacy unfolded when a group of supporters picked up qualifying petitions without his knowledge on Monday. They gathered 200 names, according to Northeast Tennessee Democrat Chairman Marion Light.

"We were going to give him a chance to at least think about it," said Light. "We showed him the petitions to say ‘Now here is something for you to think about.' ... We wanted to see if there was bipartisan support, and there is based on these signatures and conversations."
Not surprisingly, Hill sought to be as divisive as possible:
"In November, the people of Washington County are going to have a very clear choice between a conservative Republican and a liberal Democrat."
---Here’s some more more positive coverage of Phillips’ decision to run against War Protester Hill, from the Johnson City Press:
…Phillips was lauded by Jonesborough Mayor Tobie Bledsoe for his 48 years of service to Washington County.

“Fred knows the importance of local government,” Bledsoe said. “And we need someone in Nashville who understands us and the small towns of Northeast Tennessee ... Someone who knows the importance of roads and schools.”

Phillips said he was aware of various nominating petitions supporting his candidacy that had been circulating around the county during the past week.

“There are many challenges and concerns facing Washington County, such as education, improved roads and highways, homeland security and providing affordable and adequate health care. I bring decades of experience in state and local government to these issues and if given the opportunity will use that experience to represent all of the citizens of Washington County, regardless of their political persuasion.”

Phillips said that for 42 years, when a man or woman has come asking for help or employment he never once asked them what (political) party they were affiliated with.
…Phillips said he couldn’t say no to the people of Washington County.

“And I want the people to know that I will vote my convictions in Nashville,” he said. “I will be in no one’s hip pocket. The issue is who can do the most for Washington County.”

Phillips will challenge freshman incumbent Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough, for the seat. When asked about his thoughts on running against an incumbent, Phillips didn’t hesitate.

In ’94 I beat an 18-year incumbent by a final vote count of 2-1,” said Phillips, referring to his victory over Washington County Sheriff Ron England.

Phillips admitted he was still a bit overwhelmed by the number of people who had signed petitions supporting his candidacy.

“When I found out these workers went door-to-door, I was astounded,” he said. “That told me that there is a need for some new direction from for Washington County.”
---In other news, here's a nice post about resume padding by Hilly boy, and here's one about the hefty pay raises for the Hill brothers at their non-profit radio station. And Daddy Hill still gets to live in a hourse valued at nearly $400,000.

It's hard being a radio evangelist.
House Bill 0887 by Hill as one of the sponsors introduced in 2005 - Firearms and Ammunition- Removes prohibition on possession of hangun in buildings where alcohol is served for on-premises consumption if possessor of handgun has permit and is not consuming alcohol; creates affirmative defense to prosecution for carrying weapons on school property hwere handgun iskept in vehicle - Amens TCA Title 39, Chapter.

How oftern have you heard a waitress ask a customer if they are carrying a gun whenever he/she serves alochol? Now about carrying guns on school property, as long as it is left in the person's vehicle--Imagine that!!!
This has been on Hill's agenda for a while, but he moves slowly.

The part that allows guns on school property is about the studpidest thing I have heard in a long time. This guy is dangerous.
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