Friday, February 17, 2006


Jenkins Out, Davis In

So, Jenkins will not run again and Davis wants his seat. I wonder what the fallout will be. Looks like Jeff Anderson will run against Davis and maybe Nathan Vaugn too. Who will take Davis' place?

Someone better tell Hilly boy that there is no advantage to being a representative in another district. If he's not told he will probably have Mr. Gregory buy a house in the 6th District next week so Hill can run. On second thought, don't tell him. Also, any ideas on what new business Hill will start before the election so he can claim to be a small business owner? Probably a lobbying business.

Anybod know if Patton or Phillips will get in on any of this?

Johnson City
Perhaps a lobbyist for one particular pharmaceutical or coal business...BTW, Hilly Boy, congrats on the "promotion".
what promotion?
supposedly as AECC Vice-President...and also little brother Timmy's bounce up as "AECC Operations Manager"
Probably just a cover so that Gregory can slide him even more bribe money under the radar screen.
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