Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Let's Demonstrate Against Matthew Hill

Well, I see that Matthew Hill has decided it is time to start campaigning, with a fundraising dinner Thursday night in Johnson City at the House of Ribs restaurant. I think it would be great for some U.S. military veterans to demonstrate against war protester Hill on the other side of the street from the House of Ribs. Be sure to bring some signs about Hill wanting to be a lobbyist and that he voted to give himself a pay raise. Don’t forget to add that he has said taxes should be raised only if we are at war, which we are.

Here’s a great post on the shady dealings of the Hill family radio stations. They are slowly going the way of Tom Delay.

I also find it interesting that Bob Corker doesn’t view the Hill family joke of a radio show to be worth his time. Smart move by Corker, who will likely beat Bryant and Van Hilleary.

I also find it interesting that Ron Ramsey appears to have covered his speeding butt with this new anti-drag racing legislation.

In other news, it looks like David Davis has enlisted little Timmy Hill in his campaign (it’s buried way down among the rambling). That should all but seal the deal for Richard Venable.

Military Veterans for Phillips. I like the sound of that. Let's start our own 527 organization like Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. There's one thing Hill has in common with Kerry; he's no hero.
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