Sunday, June 04, 2006


Did Hill Give Himself a Raise?

Well, many people are not happy with the pay raise that Tennessee legislators gave themselves at the last minute this past week. The move has been accurately called "self-serving and cowardly," since the public had no opportunity to voice their opinion. Here are some more stinging comments on the topic:
[L]egislators' pensions, which now are calculated at $70 per month per year of service, will increase at about 3 percent without future legislatures having to do so much as lift a finger... [L]egislative pensions are far too generous to begin with, even without the cost-of-living adjustment...

So while most working Tennesseans will be getting no pension when they retire, a part-time lawmaker who retires (or is defeated) after 10 years of service can pull down a $700 monthly pension. Make that $721 in November when the new law kicks in.
In regard to where Hill stood on this issue, all I know right now is that 67 members of the house supported it. Only 12 opposed it, though no one, including Ron Ramsey, opposed it in the Senate.

I can't believe they would do this in an election year. Hopefully some of them will be gone by this time next year.

The only way Rep. Hill could have missed this legislative pay vote would have involved going AWOL before the end of the legislative session...

But not to worry, Rep. Hill will be on WPWT 870 AM this Monday blamming the pay increase on the Democrats who stayed for the end of sessions and not those 30 or so House legislators desserting their posts at the state capitol.
Matthew Hill is a class act i do not agree with all his politics but he is a good man . I am happy to have Hill as my Rep
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