Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hobbs Hot Over Hill

Tennessee firebrand conservative blogger Bill Hobbs opposes Hill's firefighter unionization bill too.

By the way, Hill has had this on his agenda for quite a while. Here's the original Johnson City Press story from February 5, 2005.

...and Rep. Matthew Hill has found access to someone else's billfold.
He's pretty good at finding other people's billfolds, especially from those who don't live in the 7th District.
Matthew Hill has said that Fred Phillips is a member of a communist organization----the Masons I sure hope he doesn't intend on a McCarthy purge. If he does, there won't be a Mason left in the 7th House District.
House Bill 2671 sponsored by Hill, creates a Class B felony offense of vehicular homicide by drag racing; creates Class D felony offense of drag racing that results in injury or death; and creates Class D felony offense of injuring another while operating vehicle using nitrous oxide. He withdrew the ammendment creating a Class D felony offense of injuring another while operating vehicle using nitrous oxide. His dedicated sponsors the Greggories own a business that sells nitrous oxide. Wonder why he withdrew the amendment?
House Bill 0887 Sponsored by Matthew Hill and others- Firearms and Ammunition- Removes prohibition on possession of handgun in building where alcohol is served for on-premises consumption if possessor of handgun has permit and is not consuming alcohol; creates affirmative defense to prosecution for carrying weapons on school property where handgun is kept in vehicle.

70% of Tennesseans opposed this bill. Defeated in a House Subcommittee.

I guess Matthew has never heard the word COLUMBINE! Also, has anyone ever heard a waitress ask a customer is they are carrying a gun before they are served alcohol. If they should ask, they probably would be told it's none of their business.
Here are some of the untruths Matthew HIll states in his latest distortation of the facts.
1- He brought 100s of millions of dollars to Washington County for various projects.
2- He brought tens of millions of dollars to the 7th District for roads.
3- He led the charge for the School of Pharmacy @ ETSU

Actual Facts
1& 2. He counts the Governor Bredesen's routine budgeted items as money HE brought to the county.
3. The Tennessee Higher Education Commission and Gov. Bredesen brought the Pharmacy School to ETSU. He claims he met with the Governor twice in leading the charge. WRONG! He has led the charge to the table!
Matthew Hill's latest mailout proves one thing. He is absolutely the biggest liar I have ever seen. He claims he is responsible for bringing $200 M dollars to Washington County. He couldn't bring squat to Washington County. I hope the citizens of the 7th District understand what an idiot he is. Today, Gov. Bredesen denied that Matthew Hill met with him on the Pharmacy School. Dr. Paul Stanton and Fred Phillips were the ones who constantly lobbied the Gov. for the school. Fred Phillips is an honest man with the reputation and creditentials to prove it. After this election is over, Matthew Hill has got a lot of repenting to do. I'm glad my idea of what a Christian should be is different than his idea. My Bible tells me not to bear "false witness" against anyone. Obviously he has not read the same Bible I have.
Have you ever wondered why Matthew Hill uses 8,9,10,11 and 12 year old boys as campaign tools?
David Davis is now lying for Matthew Hill. Of course Davis is known in Nashville as a liar. But his commerical says that all his political decisions are guided by the hand of God. The last I read, God does not look favorably on a liar. He made some slanderous remarks about Fred today at the Laura Bush gathering today. I shutter to think should Davis win, the quality of our representation in D.C..
Rep. Matthew Hill is such a lying douche bag...
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