Saturday, July 01, 2006


Matthew Hill's Campaign Crew: Homeschool Kids from Outside the 7th District

Well, Hilly boy was campaigning at Jonesborough Days and, from this picture, it appears that once again his campaign team of homeschool kids from around Knoxville and Chattanooga are posing as residents of the 7th District. It's all smoke and mirrors and deception with Hill and his family. Hardly anyone in that picture is older than 10. I'm pretty sure they can't vote, even in their home districts.

Of course there is the possibility his campaign team of 10-year olds is comprised of kids from his youth group in Sullivan County. Which reminds me, Hill works and goes to church in Sullivan County, not the 7th District. In fact, to this day he spends most of his time outside of the 7th District. He just happens to live in Telford, moving there six months before the 2004 election, because he thought Patton was the easiest person to beat. If only Hill had decided to campaign against someone else in another district, we wouldn't have this deceptive, disingenuous kid representing us in Nashville. Hopefully that will end soon.

Kids Home Fooled by Matthew Hill --- kind reminds me of a similar campaign stunt by former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist (suppoted twice by the Hill family as Sullivan County campaign workers) who exploited little school children by making them stand out in the cold of winter at the Tennessee state capital while the airbag Sundquist was giving some long speech about something, athough I do not recall the topic of the Sundquist speech.

You notice that Rep. Hill has to squat down upon his heels (Hill's Heels) as not to drwaf all those guilable tykes in that photo --- someone had really ought to report Rep. Hill to Childrens' Protective Services...

Hill "The Closet Liberal" and his "Blue State Brigade", too funny..,

In any case, this picture is definitely a keeper as it shows Matthew Hill where he ought to be in Jonesborough after the November elections...ON THE CURB!
That was a good one. He knows how to pick good photo ops. Maybe his next photo will be beside a fire station, or the ACLU. Now when I see those "Firefighters for Hill" signs, I'll remember why they support him.
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