Friday, September 15, 2006


Courtney's Law a Disappointment

I was looking over a few old issues of the Johnson City Press and I found a few articles that demonstrated some local disappointment in Matthew Hill's work:

In the June 23 edition of the Johnson City Press, a story highlighted the fact that many people in the 7th District were disappointed with Courtney’s Law:
Hill addressed criticism of the legislation — one that increased the penalties for illegal street racing if bodily injury or death is involved.
“There were some people that said this legislation had no teeth ... People are going to jail now, instead of just paying a fine,” he said. “Before, if you were charged with drag racing it was just a $50 fine.”
In the June 8 edition of the Johnson City Press, Hill’s Courtney’s Law was lampooned for being too weak:
Drag racing legislation not significant enough
Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough, said “Cortney’s Law” would make significant changes to provisions of state law governing vehicular homicide.

Unfortunately, the measure does not deliver on all of the promises lawmakers made earlier this year to increase the punishment for drag racing. As Press staff writer Dee Goodin reported, the bill doesn’t carry the tough penalties District Attorney General Joe Crumley had hoped.

All victims of street racing deserve a law that actually punishes those who use our streets for their mindless pursuits. Unfortunately, the law that carries Cortney Hensley’s name does not do that.

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