Saturday, September 09, 2006


Phillips Takes Hill to the Woodshed

In the September 9 edition of the Johnson City Press, Fred Phillips didn't hold back much after Matthew Hill started his mud-slinging campaign. Here is an excerpt from the story:
Fred Phillips...said Friday he was shocked by claims made recently by his Republican opponent, incumbent Matthew Hill, implying he was soft on the issue of illegal immigration.

“It bothers me that my opponent had the audacity to make these claims,” said Phillips, who has served in the capacity of sheriff, director of public safety and Johnson City police chief since joining the JCPD in 1964.

“I’ve served 42 years in this community protecting the safety of Johnson City and Washington County. That’s just an absurd statement.”

On immigration legislation being pushed by House Republicans, Hill said Phillips would oppose such measures while condemning the issue in public stating: “My opponent is one of those people who want to talk the talk, but not walk the walk.”

Phillips maintained that he, and not Hill, has been on the front line of security for the nation, and especially for Washington County during his professional career.

I am the only candidate to serve overseas against an occupying communist force, protecting our borders,” said Phillips of his tour of duty in Korea.

My opponent has never served in a protective agency or in the military. I’ve served a few days — about half a century.”

...“My agenda is only to serve and represent the citizens of Washington County and I believe I am the only candidate that can connect Washington County back with Nashville,” he said.

Though my opponent served on the House transportation committee, this county never saw any tax money come back into this community. I know if I were on that committee Washington County would definitely be seeing some of that money.”

On the immigration legislation itself, Phillips said he strongly believed that if you live here, you should be here legally.

“Every law enforcement officer has the authority to arrest illegal aliens and take them into custody — they can’t deport them, they have to go through the deportation process with I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement),” he said.

“I support what Gov. (Phil) Bredesen has recently done in Davidson County in putting deportation officers in the jails. The coalition of local law enforcement and I.C.E. is great.”
So, what dirty attack will Matthew Hill come back with? He can't call Phillips a spineless coward of a war-protester, because that's Hill's title.

Do we need to take up donations to buy the lovely Matthew Hill a jar of Vaseline??
He's got plenty of Gregory money for that. But I don't think Phillips is done quite yet.
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