Thursday, September 21, 2006


Matthew Hill Called Out for Stopping Roads Money to Washington County

Well, Phillips and Hill had their first debate yesterday. It appeared to be fairly adolescent, as most things Hill is involved in are. However, Phillips did call out Hill for burning bridges in such a manner as to stop roads money from coming in to the 7th District:
Phillips questioned why the county had not seen any money for new roads come back to the district in the past two years.

“I know if I sat on the state’s Transportation Committee, Washington County would be getting some of that funding that Greene and Hamblen County are getting,” Phillips said.
Hill's reply was that he brought $48 million back for local schools. I find this an interesting response because first, Phillips wasn talking about roads, second, where did he get that figure, and third, Matthew Hill hates public schools. He has made it known that he wants the state to pay people who home school their children. Very strange.

Then Hill declared that Phillips was lying about being endorsed by the NRA. Hill had a letter that he probably created just before the debate that said the NRA endorsed him and not Phillips. Phillips did receive an "A" rating from the NRA. So even if they felt they had to endorse the Republican candidate, the NRA acknowledged that Phillips is a candidate they would be proud to have. At least Phillips actually has been trained to use a firearm. Matthew Hill looks like he couldn't fire a gun if he wanted to, and he proposed legislation (House Bill 0887) that would allow the possession of a handgun in buildings where alcohol is served. What an idiot. He does whatever special interest groups that fund him, like the Tennessee Malt Beverage Association, tell him to do.

In addition, Hill acted like the passage of Courtney's Law showed that Hill didn't burn every bridge he came across. However, if Hill was so good at building consensus in Nashville, why was Courtney's Law blasted by almost everyone for being toothless and ineffective? Not quite the sort of thing you should be bragging about.

And, let's not forge that Mr. NRA Matthew Hill protested against the U.S. Military, and he refuses to apologize for or acknowledge his actions.

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