Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Fred Phillips' Opposition to Abortion Disappoints Tennessee Right to Life

In this story in today's Kingsport Times-News, we learn that the Tennessee Right to Life is annoyed that Fred Phillips opposes abortion. I find it quite amazing that they are not saying they are glad to hear that. I think it goes to show that this organization, just like Matthew Hill, is not really about standing up for what's right. They are all about having power and getting people to do what they want them to do.
In responding to TRL's endorsement of Hill, Phillips maintained he is pro-life.
"I am anti-abortion, always have been," Phillips said. "(But) there are certain things that come into play that would warrant it, that is a threat to the mother's health or rape or incest."

Phillips also stressed he's not committed to support Naifeh, a West Tennessee Democrat who has been House speaker for more than 15 years.

"I'm not tied to any special group in Nashville," said Phillips, Tennessee's former safety commissioner and ex-Washington County sheriff. "I have made no such commitment to anyone. I think it is foolish to campaign that you will vote for or against someone when you don't know who the candidates are. I have stated many times I would cast my vote for the speaker of the House who could assure me that we would get a good return for the tax dollar and that person would benefit Washington County and Northeast Tennessee. I'm going into this election with an open mind."
I am looking forward to the Hill-Phillips debate at the Johnson City Kiwanis Club luncheon on Wednesday. I also think it is pretty cool that at Phillips' campaign event this Saturday will feature an appearance by former Gov. Ned McWherter. Does that mean Matthew Hill will bring in former Gov. Don Sundquist?

Well Matthew and his Rev. Daddy Dr. Kenneth C. Hill did work in both Sundquist gubernatorial election campaigns...

And have you noticed how Tennessee Right To Life and Matthew Hill's own campaign team are not making statements about the RU-486 abortion drug??????
I thought the Hills had been in the deep end of the Sundquist pool. And yes, Matthew Hill will never attack RU-486, because that would be biting the hand that feeds him.
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