Sunday, September 17, 2006


Matthew Hill and His Cronies Called Out

For a great story about Matthew Hill and his buddies being sold out to special interest groups, you can read this JC Press interview with Bob Patton. This blogger has already commented on the story. I must say, it is quite telling that since Matthew Hill has been in office, "Money, Patton says, is not coming back to Washington County and there have been no new roads for two years — since he lost his re-election bid. “People have noticed,” he said.

I also am glad to hear someone proclaim that you're not a heretic if you don't vote exactly the way John Gregory wants you to. I am quite confident that there are a number of Republican voters who are voting for Fred Phillips for the very reasons Patton mentioned in this interview. I just don't think Hill can use Gregory's money to hire enough home school kids from Chattanooga as campaign door-knockers to win this election.

6th District Republican Primary winner Dale Ford was also putting out the information regarding Washington County not getting any state tax dollars for the past two years...

You can search for this Ford statement at the Johnson City Press web site.
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