Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Johnson City Press Endorses Fred Phillips Instead of Matthew Hill

Here are some highlights from the Oct. 15 Johnson City Press:
…Fred Phillips has been known as someone who looks out for the people he serves. It was a trait Phillips began exhibiting as a teenager when he joined the Army. While serving in Korea, Phillips sent his pay back to his family in Washington County.

…He was later elected sheriff of Washington County. Although Phillips is a Democrat, he built a coalition of supporters that crossed party lines. He demonstrated his bipartisanship and talent for consensus building while serving three years as safety commissioner under Gov. Phil Bredesen.

…We believe Phillips is the right choice for Washington County. He has the experience and know-how to see that the wishes of the people of the district are represented on Capitol Hill. He also has the respect and contacts in Nashville to help him bring home state dollars for needed projects in Jonesborough and Johnson City.

…We believe Phillips will be able to go to Nashville and work on the projects and issues that Washington County residents say are important to them. Phillips has an impressive resumé when it comes to looking out for the people he serves.

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