Thursday, October 19, 2006


Fred Phillips, Not Matthew Hill, Helped Bring Pharmacy School to ETSU

Well, Matthew Hill has been spreading lies about convincing Governor Phil Bredesen to approve a pharmacy school for ETSU, but Bredesen says otherwise. In the Oct. 19 Johnson City Press, Bredesen had this to say at a campaign stop in Johnson City:
“You can thank (ETSU President) Paul Stanton and Fred Phillips — two men who really made the pharmacy school happen. Saying that they haunted my door in Nashville about the importance of a pharmacy school at ETSU would be an understatement.”
In other news, Matthew Hill, not Al Gore, "invented" the internet.
Also, don't forget to go VOTE! Early voting is now open at the Washington County Courthouse in Jonesborough.

Nice to see the two previous comments are so intellectual. Maybe this person could elaborate on their position a little bit. But since they can't spell, that might be near impossible. My guess is they had to use an Internet search to even find the right spelling.
Since you are asking anonymous (2) >>>

Elaboration: Tennessee State Representative Matthew Hill (R, Jonesborough) is a self-serving and lying douche bag who will say almost anything to get re-elected.

Amazing --- Rep. Hill made the speedy transition from a Washington County carpetbagger to a lying Washington County douchebagger within less that two years!

internet search for douche bag? you might have noticed the times of the postings (10:02 PM and 10:03 PM) - a one minute internal or less does not reasonable allow adequate time for a search...
Yeah, those were pretty stupid comments and that's why they're gone. It's one thing to call Hill a liar, since he has been caught lying. It's another to misspell a name that has nothing to do with his "performance" as a legislator.
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