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Former Jonesborough Leader Praises Fred Phillips for Supporting Local Veterans, Not Protesting Against Them

The following letter ran in the Oct. 29 Johnson City Press. Remember, Matthew Hill protested against the U.S. military and has yet to explain why he calls anyone who protests the Iraq war as unpatriotic.
Phillips is honest, caring
This election cycle has brought its share of negativity, especially the episodes of questioning Fred Phillips’ character and truthfulness.

Without hesitation I can say I have never found him to be dishonest in any of my associations with him. When I was Jonesborough’s town administrator, the former Washington County sheriff allowed the Community Service Units to assist the town in manual labor positions, which netted a $250,000 savings that enable us to meet unexpected operating expenses.

Then, as a member of the Veterans Park Project team, he was instrumental in allowing us to construct the Veterans Park with only a fraction of the estimated labor cost of the project. He committed the Community Service Unit assigned to the town, to laying the block for both the planter walls and the fountain in the center, pouring and dressing the concrete for the walks, installing the flagpoles, mixing concrete and painting the lettering for the granite bricks, on which veterans’ names are inscribed. Without Fred’s dedication, we simply could not have raised the funds necessary to complete the Veterans Park in its present condition.

You may not agree with him, politically, but he is not dishonest, untruthful or uncaring. I know.
MARION L., Jonesborough
I'll just add that plenty of us do agree with him politically.

I am writing to express concerns over the Republican Candidate Matthew Hill. Let me preface this by saying I am a life long staunch Republican, but I would sooner die than vote for Matthew Hill. It is common knowledge that Dr. Hill and his two sons make it a regular practice of "diverting funds" from their "non-profits" to take care of personal financial needs and all my research shows this is an illegal practice. I did not vote for him when he continually tried to get on the ballot in Sullivan County, did not vote for him the first time he ran in Washington County and would not vote for him ever. My main reason for writing this to you is the following:
I am a veteran; I served in the Middle East. I find it disgusting that a candidate who has protested the Military can now be a representative in a district that includes the VA Medical Center. There are veterans that live there, at the VAMC, veterans that vote. I wonder if they know about Mr. Hill's past. Please know that this is one Republican that will do all he can within the limits of the law to ensure that Mr. Hill never again holds office, not even that of dog catcher.
This is the dumbest thread I have ever seen. Matthew Hill did not protest despite your photo shop docotred pictures. Fellas, you need to grow up. Feel free to stop spreading lies anytime...
I wrote the first response. He may or may not have protested, but I have talked with him PRIOR to him running for office about his views on the Military, and how he felt in regards to the Bosnia situation...and he said it was a purely political move. I was in Bosnia, went straight from there to the Middle East. How can he can specify one conflict appropriate and one not based solely on who is in office? Bottom line... when it comes to veterans... Hill is a bottom feeder... and that is my impression after having talked with him face to face on this issue... so now you tell me… who needs to grow up? I have the medals and wounds to prove my service, and that gives me the right to have this opinion of a coward such as Hill... what do you base your opinion on sir?
I personally have sat down with Representative Hill and have known him for years. He is truly a man of character. He cares deeply for Veterans and their issues. I appreciate your service, but, I really believe you are mistaken on Hill. He is a GOOD Man. He will win again and deserves to go back to Nashville. Your choice to vote for or against him is yours. But, don't be fooled into thinking for one second that you are voting against a person who is anti-veteran or has ever protested our troops.
To the commenter who is convinced that Matthew Hill never protested against the U.S. military, go to the Bristol library and look up the April 18, 1999 Bristol Herald-Courier. My photo came straight from the newspaper. In fact, Gary Melvin was there with Matthew Hill at the protest. I'll e-mail you the photos, but if you don't trust me, just go to the library, like I did. Matthew Hill protested against the U.S. military, but won't explain why to anyone.
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