Monday, October 23, 2006


Phillips Supports Open Government, Matthew Hill Does Not

If you go the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government Web site, you will find that while Fred Phillips supports open government, Matthew Hill doesn't care. The TCFOG sent a survey to candiates in late September and the answers can be found here. Phillips answered each question, while Hill answered none.

The Oct. 26 Johnson City Press had this to say about the topic:

Voters should take note of those incumbents and challengers on the Nov. 7 ballot who have decided open government is not an issue worthy of their comment.

It is evident that open government records have not been to kind to the Hill Tribe in the past --- Federal Coomunications Commission ownership records, Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) pulic record filings, Tennessee real estate appraisal cards, Tennessee Election Commission records, etc. --- have pretty much exposed the Hills.
That's probably why they take so long to file their records. I think they have a lot to hide.
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