Thursday, April 10, 2008


Thank You Bob (and info on Matthew Hill's Money)

Well, luckily Bob Patton has withdrawn in a move to bolster Todd Smith's chances of sending Matthew Hill packing. All I can say is Thank You. With the support of Bob's friends, Smith should have more of the votes now, but he definitely can't take it for granted. He'll have to work extra hard since Hill doesn't have a real job.

In other news, according to's online campaign finance info, Matthew Hill has received $24,500 in donations for the current campaign, and $18,050 (more than 2/3) came from outside the 7th District. More than $10,000 of that came from the Gregorys alone. In addition, Hill spent $4,100 of his campaign money with groups outside of the 7th district, quite a bit more than he spent in the district. Not surprising, really.

Here are
the links to this info.

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