Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Defer to Todd Smith

Well, Fred Phillips, and according to comments on an earlier post, Patti Garrett, are considering running against Matthew Hill as well. While it is no secret that many people want him out of office, it looks like Todd Smith is the best person for the job. I think Fred is great, but Todd is better qualified and would likely defeat him since the district votes Republican usually. Patti just doesn't have the credentials that Todd has, though she would still do a million times better job than Matty. If all three (Hill, Smith & Jarrett) ran in the primary, the votes might get split. It would be just the district's luck that the majority of the Republican primary voters would reject Hill (just like in 2004), but he would still win. I don't think that is possible since Garrett ran in the 6th District last time. I think everyone agrees that Hill doesn't have a chance against Todd Smith. Since Smith made his announcement, even Hill has refused to say if he will run again.

Your pharsing here is wrong --- Fred Phillips, as a Democrat, would be running in the primary aganist other Democrats (if any other challengers are out there)...

It is quite possible that Phillips could be running against someone such as Republican Todd Smith during the 2008 general election without ever again having another contested election with Matthew Hill.

I dunno about Patti Garrett --- she seems too much like an one-issue frosted flake, although she does not carry the "lying douchbag" baggage that Rep. Hill totes around...
Patti is running against Dale Ford and refuses to associate with anyone against Matthew.
I was not clear. What I meant was that it would not be good for Hill, Smith and Garrett to be running against each other in the Republican primary. Of course I wondered if Garrett had moved since she ran for the 6th district seat last time. I don't know why she is running against Ford though. I haven't heard complaints against him, and when he barely beat her she had nothing but good to say about him.
Ford will probably get re-elecetd, after all, he is the only House member of the Transportation Committee from Washington County that has the ability to sheppard his own legislation through both committee and House vote.

Maybe Garrett will focus on Senator Rusty Crowe's Senate seat instead of Ford's House seat.
Well, Matthew Hill was able to turn out the significant Washington County Log Cabin Republican vote...

Are you talking about a group of attorneys over there?

Patti really believes God wants her to be in there. The problem for her is she is a Libertarian and not a Republican. You don't win elections telling people you are against roads being built.
The log cabin republicans is the name chosen by a national group of gay republicans. I guess thee is an implication in the comment about Hill, but I am pretty sure he is not gay.
I was not aware that Washington County/Johnson City has a Log Cabin Republican chapter --- given both that Johnson City reportedly has a gay community of significant size and the prevailing political climate, it seems reasonable to conclude that many Republican gays within the Washington County Republican Party are of the self-loathing, closeted type who put on the public homophobic persona...not to say that a ll homophobiscs are gay Republicans.
Look who's running the party and who got him elected for your Log Cabin/Jammin chapter.
I am now thinking that U.S. Rep. David Davis' former Congressional Press Secretary and Wikipedia vandal Timothy Hill resigned from Davis' WDC Beltway staff in order to serve his brother Tennessee State Representative Matthew Hill as his campaign manager and mastermind Matthew's 2008 re-election strategy...

Did you notice how during a recent interview during the Marc Bernier Show that Rep. Hill didnot once mention the name of Todd Smith ?
Matthew did not think up that tactic on his own --- that omission of fact strongly suggests the cool and calculating influence of Timothy Hill (who was once the president of an unlicensed Sullivan County public relations firm for four years)!
Patti did not move-so she could not run against Hill.
Todd Smith is already more articulate than Jared.
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