Friday, November 16, 2007


Matty's Brother Leaving D.C.

Well, this is interesting. Less than a year after starting his job, Timmy Hill is resigning David Davis's office. I would say he got offered a job with the Gregory clan, Tom Delay or he just missed his radio show and its 12 listeners.

Maybe Timmy heard that Phil Roe was going to oppose David Davis next year. That's what the Nov. 5 Tennessee Journal reported. Davis has $110,000 on hand for his reelection campaign. However, Phil just gave $2.5 million of his own money to Austin Peay University.

I think the real truth here is that Timmy just folded under the pressure of being named to the Tri-Cities Business Journal's top 40 under 40 list. I think the honor was tongue in cheek since the only thing he really accomplished was getting busted for online vandalism. By the way, has the TCBJ ever had an editor? I find more mistakes and misspellings in there than in the ETSU newspaper. It's really unfortunate.

other possible career options:

brain surgeon;

rocket scientist;

Army Ranger (I seem to recall that Timothy Hill had stated on the air during his former "Good Morning Tri-Cities" radio program that the reason he was not serving in the military post 9/11 was that Jesus had called him --- Timothy --- to be a political talk radio show host);

paid lobbyist for the downtown coffee shop industry;

new Chief of the Hill family's undetermined Native American nation;

president of a PR firm with an actual business license...

and one possible option that I had overlookedearlier...:

FCC Commissioner
Elmer that is the funniest list ever. Tim's leaving is the best thing to happen for David. Everyone that has seen Tim since he went to DC could tell that it was a very difficult transaction for him. He is also leaving as soon as his lease is up, I suspect he wanted out of there for a while.

Anyone who is a press secretary or under the age of 65 knows what wikipedia is. The way he handled himself during then only supports the fact that he should have gone into rocket science or brain surgery instead.

Now if we can only get rid of the other dummy. Go Todd Smith!!!
Well, maybe, but U.S. Rep. David Davis is now losing his downstairs maid...

In afterthought, I might have also included retail ice cream sales at an undisclosed Exit 7 businessas an option, but I am also thinking that such a gig would unlikely pay $50k plus benies...

So who is this "Todd Smith" person?
What is interesting is whether we find out there was a rift between David and the Hill clan.

Todd Smith is the name of the person who has been contemplating running against Matthew in the primary. I think it's stupid to be telling people that now considering Matthew can't raise money come January but oh well. The key thing this year will be how much the Gregory's get involved. Matthew's old financial disclosures show he raised most of his money from lobbyist. Subsequently he refused to help them and now the money won't be there. Matter of fact several voices have been heard around Nashville trying to find someone to oust him.
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