Monday, August 27, 2007


Hill "Investigation" Draws Ire of House Ethics Committee

It looks like David Davis' office misspoke in regard to little Timmy's punishment. He was asked to "clarify" after his office made an announcement on Thursday.

-House conduct committee hasn't taken position on David Davis' aide's Wikipedia flap. (KTN on 8.25.07)
The U.S. House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct hasn’t yet taken an official position concerning Timothy Hill, who used a government computer to delete information in the online Wikipedia biographies of U.S. Rep. David Davis and Tennessee state Rep. Matthew Hill, Davis’ Chief of Staff Brenda Otterson said Friday.

...Otterson said the committee asked her to clarify her Thursday announcement noting that Davis decided Timothy Hill should be required to take ethics training classes in September for editing Davis’ and Matthew Hill’s Wikipedia entries by using a congressional office computer.

"...The committee has not taken any formal, official position on this matter,” Otterson said in an e-mail. “I just want to make it clear that this was an informal inquiry by phone with staff on the committee to see how we should handle this matter, and I sought advice and counsel from them — no formal investigation by them — just our seriously looking into what the precedents were, and to see how we should or could address the issue.”
Here are some gems from Davis:
"...Timothy probably used poor judgment in altering Wikipedia. ... I think he will benefit from the classes he will continue to take.”

"...I’m sorry Timothy actually took the word edit literally,” Davis said.

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I'm a professor and I encourage students to look at Wikipedia. Citing Wikipedia and using it are two different things. Besides, if "college" is telling your daughter not to use it then why is your press secretary so smitten by it?
The fact remains, if Wikipedia is not reliable, why was Timmy deleting information that had credible and factual links? If Wikipedia is not reliable, it is because of people like Timothy Hill.
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