Thursday, November 09, 2006


An Olive Branch, Of Sorts

If Matthew Hill would like to spend considerably less money in the next election, here are a few things he could do to win over some of the 7,400 voters who don't approve of his performance.

1. Stop pushing that stupid firefighters union bill. Almost every person in Tennessee, definitely every conservative, finds the bill asinine.
2. Don’t give yourself a legislative raise anymore
3. Stop pissing off local leaders by ignoring their requests for communication on topics that you disagree with them on. I'm not talking about your stupid meetings where you tell them to come talk to you. Give a little more respect to Jonesborough.
4. Do more in the 7th District than just sleep here. At least you could go to church here.
5. Stop accepting money from outside the 7th District. Even limiting your funding to 25% outside money would be a huge improvement.
6. Stop accepting money from Gregory.
7. Stop using homeschool kids from Chattanooga on your campaigns.
8. Get more roads money and you’ll stop pissing off the Powell Construction & Summer-Taylor people
9. Don’t lie. Whether it’s all the “sit down meetings” you had with the Governor on the pharmacy school, or that you cut the grocery tax. We’re smarter than you treat us and would like you to just be straight with the facts, especially when we can look them up.
10. Support open government and take steps to preserve the natural beauty of Washington County.
11. Decide that helping bring more jobs and affordable health care to the 7th District has nothing to do with what political party you are in.
12. Quit treating our schools like the they should be shut down and fight for funding and constructive solutions for improvement. Just saying the family should do a better job of guiding children doesn't change the fact most kids, including church members, grow up in broken homes. I think you are very aware of this reality.
13. Abstain from bills that financially benefit you and your daddy.
14. Admit that you protested against the U.S. military and that it is certainly not unpatriotic for anyone in the 7th District to question the president and the war in Iraq. A lot of Republicans just learned that the hard way.
15. And lastly, stop using assets from your daddy’s nonprofit for political and illegal actions, like putting a down payment on your Washington County home. That last part was alleged in an e-mail and phone call to me from someone within your own circle, but dragging their name and family into your attack campaign just wasn’t worth it.

Like I said, I still hope any half-brained Republican runs against him in the next primary election. But if his funders’ deep pockets scare them off, then I hope he decides to take his job more seriously and just be a better legislator. The hard working people of the 7th District, even the ones he wished lived elsewhere, deserve at least that much.

Losers don't get to dictate what the winner should or should not do.

Let's see...who is the winner...oh yeah...STATE REPRESENTATIVE MATTHEW HILL...who is the loser...YOU!
Quite the testy commenter.
Tell that to the Republicans.
...For Rep. Matthew Hill to be a "winner", then everyone else in the Washington County 7th District is a loser.
Wrong again ELMO! Burn the olive branch you don't deserve it! Feel free to admit fact I am looking forward to it. Go ahead..
Elmo. Isn't that Timmy Hill's favorite toy?
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