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Outsider-Funded Matthew Hill Angry that Fred Phillips Received Outsider Money

Oh, the irony and hypocrisy of Matthew Hill. It looks like Hill doesn’t know what to do when he has an opponent with pockets as relatively deep as Hill’s. In the Nov. 2 Johnson City Press, we learn that Matthew Hill is angry that Fred Phillips has received money from the Tennessee Democratic Party and Jimmy Naifeh. While I am not impressed with Phillips in this regard, he is only matching Hilly boy’s donations from the Tennessee Republican Party and Bill Dunn. The total that Phillips received, $35,000, is exactly the same amount Matthew Hill received from the Tennessee Republican Party and Bill Dunn! That total doesn’t include the extra $5,500 Hill received from the TRP and the extra $6,500 he received from the Gregory machine, both in October. Looks like Hill still has at least $10,000 more in donations from outsider groups than Phillips.

Also, did you know that Matthew Hill spent $68,000 on attack ads in October alone? Phillips only spent $31,000 during that month, and most of that wasn't even for ads. Hill is whining about all the money that Phillips has recently received from the above mentioned two sources, but in the last two years, Hill has received and spent nearly $200,000, almost all of it from outside the 7th District, to win a seat in a district that he has only lived in for the two years he has been in office.

Hill is running an ad that says he is not for sale, and it states that our values and future are not for sale. This is the most hilarious ad I have seen in a long time. Matthew Hill purchased his victory against the underfunded Bob Patton in 2004, and now that he has an opponent with some funding, Hill is so scared that he is calling the kettle black. It’s really entertaining, actually.

And don't forget, here are some more good reasons to vote against Matthew Hill.

The following comment was left on another post today. I have repeated it here because it is relevant to this topic:

"I read in the Nov. 2, 2006 issue of the J.C. Press that M. Hill is now complaining about Fred Phillips receiving money from the State Democratic Party and Speaker Naifeh's PAC fund. Hill received money from the Rep. Dunn Pac fund, because Dunn wants to be Speaker of the House also.

For goodness sake you do have to run on a partisan ticket. Hill had better be glad that Phillips ran as a Democrat instead as a Republican (which he received lots of encouragement to do), or Hill would already be back in Bristol playing with his radio.

Hill is running on his record (or lack of one) and has no issues and his "lack of traction" in Nashville is finally haunting him.His latest temper outburst is evidence of his childish behavior."
If Jesus Christ were here today, he wouldn't be a Christian -- Mark Twain

Couldn't have said it better myself........
Wasn't Mark Twain a noted Atheist?
indeed he was:
I have heard many say their atheism was developed in part by the hypocritical behavior of so called Christians. I think Matthew Hill's behavior would fall in that category. Jesus was raised a Jew, but didn't want to be anything like the Jews of his day.
I can say that I don't want to be like anything like the Christians today.

Twain gets right to the point. It's the Christians today that are insulting Jesus, not Mark Twain. Don't these people get it??????

Haven't they ever looked at themselves in the mirror in the morning!!

It's a new day Wednesday morning!!

I smell impeachment, for both Bush and Matthew.......
No offense intended. Hopefully, Rep. Hill will win, while the atheist Twain burns in hell.
I hope Fred Phillips wins.

Wishing someone to burn in hell is not very nice.

Typical of Matthew Hill supporters.

Can you say "American Taliban"??
I am not interested in hoping anyone burns in hell. I don't think Twain was a full blown atheist. He wrestled with whether there was a God, especially having lost so many children to an early death, while he lived on to an old age. I would say he dared to question what authority figures told him, which is what Jesus did and what this country was founded on. If Hill loses, great. If he wins, I only hope he does a better job.
I you don't believe in Jesus as your personal will burn in Hell. No apologies. Full Stop. End of story. Not my words. Mark Twain, Elmer Gantry, Salida or who ever else...if you do not accept Jesus as your personal savior you will spend an eternity in Hell.
I don't believe in your hell, therefore I won't burn in it.

Anyway, you can't prove any of this. You sound like a religious zealot just like Osama bin Laden.

Same zealotry, different religion.
Personally, I'm a Christian who believes the Bible teaches that those who aren't Christians are condemned to hell. But I find little use for declaring the final resting place of those who are dead, especially if I didn't know them personally. How do you know Mark Twain didn't say the so called "sinner's prayer" in his dying breath? I don't think that would save him, but your reasoning would. I think we are called to teach the truth in love to the living. You seem to take great joy in hoping that dead Twain burns in hell. You just seem like a sad person to me. If someone doesn't beleive in the Bible, loudly yelling about what is saids won't change their mind. Hopefully you're not Matthew Hill.
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