Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Todd Smith’s Web Site

Here's the Web site for Todd Smith's campaign: www.smithworksforyou.com. It looks pretty good. He sure has more experience than Matthew Hill.

Oh, and by the way, Smith is a U.S. military veteran. Matthew Hill is a U.S. military protester. There's a big difference!

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Matthew can't count to ten either. Ask Matthew what the first bill he wrote to make it through the House. No resolutions but actual law. Does anyone know who his roommate in Nashville is??? (Hint: he has anger management issues.)
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Anger management issues? Sounds like most of the GOP members of the TNGA, but I am guessing perhaps Stacy Campfield (being a guy with a girl's name can do that to a fellow...)
And more specifically, Hill was protesting the U.S. military air campaign (aerial bombing) in Kosovo...

Ironic, isn't it --- Hill is now facing a veteran (and reserve officer) of the U.S. Air Force in the upcoming 2008 Republican Primary in the Tennessee 7th House District.

Do you suppose that Smith was actually in uniform when Hill was protesting???
I wonder if when he was protesting, Hill ever imagined one of those U.S. soldiers might come back to haunt him. Life is ironic.
Stacy it is!!!

I wonder if Matthew new Stacy's other roommate was a sex offender? Stacy said he didn't know until his opponent brought it out.
Looks like Matthew's room mate may have an opponent.

No...life for Rep. Matthew Hill is moronic...
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