Saturday, August 09, 2008


Independent Mike Williams To Take On Both Toady Hill And Gregory Money Mill

‘We need some-one who can get things done and make things happen.’
— Mike Williams, independent candidate for 7th House District seat
[photo caption]

By Ben Ingram
Press Staff Writer

While most candidates are winding down following Thursday’s election, Mike Williams, an independent candidate for the 7th House District seat, was just getting warmed up.

Williams, who at one point appeared on the August Republican primary ballot, said he opted to run as an independent when the ticket started getting crowded.

“I didn’t know if it would confuse the voters or not, so on the advice of a friend I decided to run as an independent,” said Williams, a business process improvement specialist with Nuclear Fuel Services in Erwin.

As for why he decided to run for the 7th District seat, held by Republican primary winner Matthew Hill of Jonesborough, Williams said there were a number of reasons.

“My alarm goes off and every single day it seems crime is getting worse in Tennessee,” he said. “It seems there is a lot of gang-related activity in the area and maybe there’s just something that could be done on the state level, primarily increased funding for local law enforcement.

[more at the Johnson City Press]

Williams goes onto to refer to Rep. Matthew Hill as a "great guy" is not readily apparent from this Press news report if Williams is another Hill friend/political 7th House District challenger as happened to be the case with the political novice Todd Smith who took the Hill-Gregory-Tennessee Conservative PAC machine with both an 1:8 campaign treasury disadvantage and a seemingly absent campaign management team...

Williams also seems to be repeating the same novice Smith campaign mistake: not lauching the public campaign effort early enough to start churning up name recognition across the Tennessee 7th House District --- to do so this late in the game will likely cost a greater amount of time and money than if Williams had launched this effort last summer.

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