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Only One Republican Should Run Against Matthew Hill (though many Republicans Don't Like Him)

So, even though Republican Todd Smith very early on announced his campaign against against Matthew Hill, the rumor is that Bob Patton is thinking about jumping in too, in addition to a possible fourth candidate. This has to make Hill happy. If a ton of people run against the brainless one, since he is the encumbent, he will likely get the most votes because his name will be most recongizeable. The Republicans need to get their crap together and stand behind Smith, who declared first and has the experience to run circles around Hill.

Patton is a great guy who was smeared by Hill and his Sullivan County money, but Patton's 10 years were long enough. Plus Patton's income tax vote will be brought up all over again, even though Ron Ramsey publicly said he thought he would have to support the vote too. Ramsey decided against it, but he and Patton publicly talked about it with the very same words. If you don't beleive me, go to the library and look at the local papers' discussions of the issue before the vote. I stumbled on them and was amazed at what came out of Ramsey's mouth. Obviously the difference is he didn't vote his conscience.

Another reason there only needs to be one Republican candidate is because the one thing Matthew Hill does well is knock on doors. Since he doesn't have a real job, his daddy lets him campaign full-time during election seasons, probably because hid daddy's "nonprofit" businesses are funded by the Sullivan County Gregory clan, the same one's who fund Hill's campaigns. All other candidates have actual jobs and businesses, but Hill just goes around knocking on doors. He doesn't fulfill promises or get anything done in Nashville, but his door knocking does hoodwink a number of people whose doors haven't been knocked on by a politician. For this reason, there needs to be a unified front against Hill by the Republicans.
As one commenter reminded me, a big reason that Hill "knocks" on so many doors is that he uses home-school kids from around Chattanooga to do his door knocking for him. I think Hill should run for office there instead of here.

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If he knocks on some many doors how come he never loses weight or gets a tan? I really don't believe it.
he gets those little boys from Southeast Tennessee to do all that door knocking for him...
I love reading fiction. I stumbled across your site and love reading the fiction in it. I know most of the people in the picture and (as with most of your comments) you are wrong. All of the people in that picture as well as most of the people that worked on Hills campaign that year were from Washington County. I may not agree with everything he says but he runs an honest campaign and has a lot of volunteers from the 7th district. Man up there are probably some things you could put on here that are true and would help you make your point without having to be a LIAR. I am up for freedom of expressing but Hate Liars. So print the truth and people will see some of your points. As a Bob Patton supporter I would have to agree with some of what you say, However I cannot agree with you just lying for the cause.
Thanks for the comment, Timothy Hill.
Hmmm. You may not like that Hill uses children on his campaign who aren't old enough to vote or don't live in this district, but the picture and the link that quotes Mike Bell prove otherwise. Bell is even bragging that the Chattanooga kids made the difference. Perhaps you can't handle the truth, as old Jack Nicholson once said.
^That previous poster must really hate all the political know, with the Hills lying to the Federal Communications Commission about being American Natives (Indians) or with the Hills using those tithes to Je$u$ via listeners of the 501 C(3) tax exempt WHCB/Appalachia Educational Communications Corporation to first purchase several AM radio stations for Je$u$ (WHCB/AECC), then issue a $249,000 note payable to Je$uS (WHCB/AECC) and $1,000 cash down to pay Je$u$ (WHCB/AECC) for AM radio stations valued at $250,000, and then transfer all these radio stations formerly owned Je$u$ (WHCB/AECC) to the Hill family's for-profit Information Communications Corporation radio network d.b.a. WPWT 870 AM et al...

To his credit, at least Rep. Hill does not have Michael Jackson as a campaign manager!
What a bargain! Wouldn't you like to set yourself up as a president of a tax-free non-profit (such as WHCB FM) and later sell $250,000 of the non-profits assets to your own privately owned, for-profit business for only $1,000 cash down and give the non-profit a note promising yourself (being the president) to pay the non-profit back?
SSR...that Hate Liars poster could not be U.S. Representative Dvid Davis' former congressional press secretary Timothy Hill as TH was caught by the Knoxville News Sentinel lying about his own role in vandalizing those Wikipedia articles about David Davis and Matthew Hill with the assets of the U.S. House of Representatives...
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